Youth Aged 18 Years Successfully Find Bugs Pentagon

A teenager managed to hack into the Pentagon and get praise from the American government for having found the ‘bugs’ Ash Carter, the Secretary’s security in the Pentagon would like to thank David Dworken to have found a gap in the US Defense Department Web site.

Youth Aged 18 Years Successfully Find Bugs Pentagon

The young man who came from Washington DC was following a competition looking for bugs, titled “Hack the Pentagon” held by the DDS (Digital Defence Service) a division of the US Department of Defense. This competition invites hackers to test the security of some of the websites belonging to the ministry of defense of America.

Bugs Pentagon

“More than 1,400 participants in the competition held this year (2016). Of the participants, a total of 1,189 ‘vulnerabilities’ are found, of which 138 valid reports of ‘vulnerabilities'” said the organizers. Dworken itself has Menemuan 6 ‘vulnerabilities’. This pilot project is limited to a few rules that the hacker (participants) do not dip in the stricken area “sensitive”. This project started since 18 April to May 12, 2016.

“We know some of the black-hat want to ‘challenging’ and clicking exploit our network … what is not our appreciation before this pilot project is a couple of white-hat hackers who want to make a difference “Carter said at the ceremony and he also would like to thank Craig Arendt, a security consultant at Stratum security.

David spent about 10-15 hours in front of the laptop to crack down American defense website. He was able to find and determine some gaps (vulnerabilities) that can make a hacker to take over the website and steal some important data.

David believes “This is pengelamana very unusual. I just need to try to find bugs and when find him I got the prize”

Bugs Pentagon
David, teenagers who graduated from high school in Washington DC on Monday in March and says he has found 6 loopholes , but did not get the prize because cracks had been previously reported, she stated that she was approached by several parties for an internship.

He plans to continue his studies and take on the faculty of Computer Science at Northeastern University. Talking about the problem of “bug hunting”, David told me about her first experience in finding loopholes. At that time David was the 10th grade when he first discovered a gap in the school website.

Pentagon said the pilot project is air-budget $ 150,000. And the total prizes were awarded to hackers who managed to find a gap of about $ 75,000 (half). The prize was awarded to hackers ranging from $ 100 to $ 15,000.

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