10 Amazing Facts about Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge was the world’s longest bridge between 1937-1964 and is one of history’s most publicized bridges ever. Largely because of all the suicides that take place there. The designer of the bridge, Baermann Strauss, has also designed the Swedish bridge Trollhättan Canal in Vanersborg.

10 Amazing Facts about Golden Gate Bridge

Here are ten more facts you should know about the Golden Gate Bridge.

Golden Gate Bridge facts

01)  Golden Gate Bridge is the place where most suicides occur every year. On average, takes no suicide there every other week.

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02)  There is a nudist beach just below the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

03)  Golden Gate Bridge uses the world’s longest brokablar available. Together, they are long enough to reach three times around the Earth’s equator.

Golden Gate Bridge

04)  2% of all who jump from the bridge survives. A man jumped once that he thought it was “funny”.

05)  In the 70’s left a suicidal man a note at home saying: “I will jump from the Golden Gate, but if a single person smiles at me on the way there, I will not jump.”

06)  A San Francisco police officer named Kevin Briggs has spoken out about 200 people from committing suicide by jumping from the bridge since 1994. Talk about being able to call him a hero.

Facts about Golden Gate Bridge

07)  To construct a similar bridge today, as measured by today’s currency and inflation, would cost about 1.2 billion dollars.

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08)  The founder of Victoria’s Secret, Roy Raymond, is one of many celebrities that took the lives of you from the Golden Gate Bridge in 1993.

09)  The construction of the Golden Gate Bridge had to be approved by the US War Department, as they took both sides of the bridge next start and end.

Facts about Golden Gate Bridge

10)  Big money was spent on the building once it started in 1933, but despite this, died average a construction worker average per millionth bet dollars.

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