10 Amazing Facts about Area 51 you probably did not Know

The facility is without a doubt one of the most secret, and no one outside really knows really what is going on. Area 51 is the unofficial name given to the US military base belonging to the US Air Force, located in Lincoln County, Nevada, on the dried seabed Groom Dry Lake in Nevada desert about 200 km north of Las Vegas. Operations in the area surrounded by strict secrecy and probably therefore given rise to many conspiracy theories concerning Area 51. Perhaps the most common conspiracy theories is the research of extraterrestrial life, weapons development or that the area would be where the American moon landing “was recorded”. What do you think? Here are all the same ten facts that we at least know about the world’s most secret operations!

10 Amazing Facts about Area 51 you probably did not Know

01) The US government acknowledged Area 51’s existence in 2005 …

The US government acknowledged Area 51’s existence in documents released to George Washington University’s National Security Archive in a desperate response to the university’s public records request in the year 2005. However, in the documents submitted back in 2002 to the university mentioned never anything related to Area 51.

02) Conspiracy theories over from the other …

Area 51

Surrounding area has spun amounts of conspiracy theories and myths. Most famous is the Area 51 are likely to assertions that there must have been UFO activity. Rumors claim that the military keeps crashed UFOs there along with captured and dead aliens . It is also alleged that the Americans and even collaborating with aliens and Area 51 as is intended to be the base on the earth at an exchange program between the aliens and humans.

03) The CIA claims that Area 51 engaged in military air surveillance …

After the CIA’s recognition of Area 51’s existence; they claimed that the area and the facilities just used to test military air surveillance. There are still places on Area 51 is declassified , allowing conspiracy theories still lives on today.

04) Initially the test flew to spy plane at the military facility …

At the very beginning, Area 51 for the test flying a spy plane Lockheed U2  (see attachment below), a famous aircraft developed during World War II and was designed to carry out surveillance and spy equipment over the former Soviet Union . The flying exercises took place at Area 51’s gigantic airfields, which was built in the middle of the dry desert.

The first aircraft took off from the scene in a sharp exercise flew over Eastern Europe, but contained no spy equipment, but instead the equipment to predict the weather. At one point, even an airplane that took off from the military facility overthrown in the Soviet Union, which became a major scandal for the US government.

05) Although theories of hazardous waste has been great and led to legislative changes …

Some reports claim that the US government has used without large amounts of hazardous waste in the area is strictly forbidden to visit. Furthermore, when some workers in the area died showed their widows signs of large quantities of hazardous waste in the body, which theorists claim comes from the workers at the military base.

The case was never up but was rejected by the court immediately because the military facility goes under “national secret “. Area 51 is that – according to the statute book - freed from all environmental laws that would otherwise exist in the United States.

Area 51

06) The first drone originated from Area 51 …

Drones are becoming more and more popular, and today even younger children handle these unmanned aerial toys. Shipping Companies would also get through to deliver the package with the help of drones. But the first drönar flygningen was actually at Area 51 already in 1964, which was the first unmanned aircraft in the air. In 1966 test flew to a new model, which reached a maximum height of the entire 27.5 kilometers.

07) Not even the president really knows what happens there …

Not even the American president knows everything that is going on the highly secret military base. Presidents have previously visited the area, but may only visit the limited places . This will not set aside the President should be able to talk loudly about what is really happening in the field. President Barack Obama is also the first US president who has been mentioned, Area 51, when he made a skojsam comment on base at a prize-giving ceremony. At a later time, even former President Bill Clinton said in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel that it only takes research in high technology area of the military base.

08) The financial crisis also hit hard on the Area 51 …

It may be hard to believe, but also military and scientists were affected severely by the financial crisis in the United States during the years 2007-2008 . It is estimated that between 1 600 to the 2 000 employees work at the base today, but that somewhere between 200 and 400 have had to leave their work in connection with the financial crisis.

09)  Large parts of the plant lack Internet …

One of the biggest reason why there is so little information about Area 51 is partly due to most areas of the building have no Internet. This is to external hackers should not be able to access any secret stamped information.

Area 51

10)  A picture of the plant were captured accidentally by … Skylab

astronauts on the US space orbiting Skylab received by mistake a picture of Area 51. NASA and the intelligence discussed back and forth about the implications for national security if the picture had been released publicly. In the end, the picture was placed in a collection of Skylabs image library and no piece ever noticed it when Skylabs image is not government for the public.

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