These 10 Beautiful Gateways to World Mythology

The myths of the world much about fantastic kingdoms that are in other realms of the human world. Many of them said to have entrances that are in our world, which means that there is a possibility we could enter their realm through the entrance. Do you already know where the only entrance that? Happy reading 10 Gateway to World Mythology below, thinking the password to unlock the entrance yes

These 10 Beautiful Gateways to World Mythology

5 Xibalba

At the height of his power, the Imperial Maya extends to Mexico and Central America, and the confidence of people in the world is very strong. Their final resting place, namely Xibalba, which can only be entered by the dead and only after people face a series of challenges, from the river the scorpion and pus, up past the bat to follow the herd dog who could see in the dark.

There are several different entrances to Xibalba, and researchers have recently found each other in the Yucatan Peninsula. Archaeologists have discovered 11 different temples in caves, along with evidence of human sacrifice. There are some artifacts that were left as offerings to the dead, including pottery, stone carvings, and ceramics. Archaeologists also discovered large rocks and structures built under the water.

4 Gate Guinee

According to the voodoo tradition, Gate Guinee nothing to do with the passage of the spirit of life into death. Guinee gate is a portal to the afterlife, where the gate itself consists of seven gates. It takes seven days to get through all the gates, and if the spirit failed to pass through all the gates, they will return to the earth as a zombie.

Some practitioners of voodoo believe that the seven gates located in seven different cemeteries in New Orleans, though the exact location and the serial number of the gate is a closely guarded secret. Guinee gate is believed to be more easily found when the Mardi Gras holiday and All Saints’ Day, but finding them is just the beginning of the problem. And opened the gate to be approached in the correct order, and each gate has a guard that requires sacrifice worth it. Open the gate in the wrong order or the victim is not fun guards said to have due to the angry spirits dangerous to leave the hereafter and into our world.

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3 Garden of the Hesperides

According to Greek mythology, Gaia gave Hera a wedding gift in the form of a golden apple fruit trees, which eventually stored in the Garden of the Hesperides. The park also has something to do with Hercules assigned to steal one apple fruit.

The entrance to the garden of the Hesperides are said to be in Lixus, a city in Morocco. Formerly a bustling Roman town, but now only ruins. Location of the park is mentioned in a text originating from the Hellenistic Greek, but other locations have also been proposed, including Cyrene and one of the islands off the coast of Libya.

2 Newgrange

Newgrange is a huge mausoleum built in Ireland more than 5,000 years ago. This is not just a memorable meal but also one of the entrances to the Celtic afterlife. According to Celtic mythology, the gods to travel back and forth between the secular world and their own world through the tombs that are sanctified as Newgrange.

Considered as well as the entrance to a magnificent feast for the Lords of Light, there is the food and water that is not limited and a magic tree that continues to bear fruit. The oldest mythology says Newgrange as home to the well which is the source of all wisdom in the world. Trees near the well drop their seeds into the well, which aims to transmit their knowledge into the human world.


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Other occupants associated with Newgrange is Dagda, one of the oldest of the gods Ireland, associated with knowledge, sun and sky. He believed Newgrange keep eating until today.

1 Scholomance

Scholomance is a magic school whose existence is known only through folklore Romania until perpetuated by an English writer named Emily Gerard. According to Gerard, Scholomance only accept 10 students for the curriculum, which is taught by the devil in person. They learn all spells and tricks of his, including communicating with animals and control the weather. Once the curriculum is completed, only nine students were released. Last saved by the devil in exchange for the payment of school, which was then riding a dragon sleeping beneath the lake to help the devil to prepare for the next lightning.


Scholomance Gerard version is slightly different from the traditional version of Romania. In Romanian folklore, the school was called Solomanari, and it is located in a world parallel to our own, like a parallel universe. After reading the works of Gerard, Bram Stoker used the idea of ​​Scholomance in his film Dracula Dracula to explain how families learn the skills of their demons.

Lake where the demon dragon was sleeping and his school is said to be in the Carpathian Mountains near Hermanstadt, who daily accompanied by thunderstorms. They were looking for the lake will know that they’ve found it when they see the stone monuments that adorn the shore of the lake. The stone pillars are poor travelers were struck by lightning devil.

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