Top 10 Most Beautiful Hot Woman Riders in the World

In the world of World Wrestling Entertainment, female wrestlers or divas are usually present as a sweetener. Its existence is not too important. They also seem to rely solely on a beautiful face and sexy body. But now the assumption continues to shift. They have shown the seriousness for a career in the ring. No wonder we will see how cool their muscles, strength, and courage to play. Nevertheless, the audience feels difficult not to focus wrong. They will keep in mind the beauty and sexiness factor . Well here are the top 10 most beautiful and sexy female wrestlers.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Hot Woman Riders in the World

1. Nikki Bella

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His fiancee John Cena was born on November 21, 1983. He was born with the original name Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace, but the name of the ring is more popular. In addition to being a professional wrestler, Bella is also active as a model, actress, TV host , and executive producer.

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Bella has twice become WWE Divas Champion. His achievements are supported by beauty and amazing popularity. To the extent that his name is perched at the top of Pro Wrestling Illustrated version of Female 50 years 2015. Rolling Stone also called it as Diva of the Year in the same year. Then in 2016, she also won the Choice Female Athlete in the Teen Choice Awards.

2. Trish Stratus

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Patricia Anne Stratigeas aka Tris Stratus is indeed already retired from all affairs wrestling ring. But he remains one of the most impressive divas in WWE history. Performance we can not forget just like that. He has won seven Women’s Championships. He is also a champion in the Hardcore Championship. In appearance, he may be defeated by his next generation. But Trish himself actually has a beautiful and exotic aura.

3. Lita

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Amy Christine Dumas aka Lita’s status is indeed semi-retired, instead actually reportedly occupied the position of analysts at WWE But his name almost certainly will not escape the list of most popular WWE diva, beautiful, influential, and such. He also impressed different from most female wrestlers . Therefore he hooked many fans. Moreover, he also smepat active as a punk rock band vocalist named The Luchagors. In 2014, his name is included in the WWE Hall of Fame.

4. Eva Marie

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Natalie Marie Coyle, Natalie Eva Marie, or simply Eva Marie alone, is identical to a red-haired female wrestler. Some people may look at one eye in their ability to grapple or subvert an opponent. But he remains one of the most attention-grabbing women . Even some people immediately reminded of the figure of Trish Stratus upon seeing her appearance.

5. Torrie Wilson

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Like Sable or Trish, Torri “Anne” Wilson is also a highly reputed wrestler. Even this blond woman could steal the attention of a Vince McMahon. He did look good enough and entertaining. Now that he’s out of the world of WWE, Torrie is busy with activities, as well as managing his clothing line . And, when viewed from various social media postings, he still looks pretty nan interesting.

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6. Paige

Paige, whose real name is Saraya-Jade Bevis, became one of the female wrestlers on the rise . He is young, beautiful, quirky , gothic , and quite skyrocketed. Paige seemed to have its own charm without having to look all open, or full body contains. Badass !

7. Sunny

Being a controversial figure seems to be no strange thing for a wrestler. Included also for Tamara “Tammy” Lynn Sytch, or better known as Sunny. But beyond that sensation, he was a diva that ngehits . The juniors may come alternately, but the figure that raises the pros and cons will still be remembered as a beautiful and fascinating female wrestler.

8. Brie Bella

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Brianna Monique Danielson aka Brie Bella is indeed getting less attention than with her sister, Nikki Bella. But now he has a break from the frenetic world of wrestling, and managed to bring a championship WWE Divas. Brie is busier as WWE’s model , actress, and ambassador.

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Summer Rae

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Her contemporary friend Nikki Bella has her real name Danielle Moinet. But the fans still can not see his appearance anymore, because he is in the middle of injury recovery. Before entering WWE, Summer Rae turned out to be an American footballer. Now she has also become an actress and model.

10. Sable

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The figure of Rena Marlette Lesnar or Sable certainly will not be erased in the history of WWE. He does have a brilliant career Tris Stratus, but fans rate Sable as a female wrestler with a complete package. He has a character, attitude, or appearance that character. Although already retired, but Sable seemed to enjoy his new profession as a model and wife.

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