10 Facts you probably did not know about Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Zlatan Ibrahimovic finally play his first official match with his new club – Manchester United, when they took the ann Bournemouth away from home. And not only this, Ibrahimovic also succeeded in scoring Manchester United’s final goal, and the final outcome was a full 3-1 to Manchester! The English Premier League has brought a greater interest in the Swedish population since our Swedish striker has strengthened the league, and this is why ten facts you may not know about one of the world’s best football player!

 10 Facts you probably did not know about Zlatan Ibrahimovic

01)  that he was the greatest man that ever existed in Paris when he played for PSG is more or less understandable. But did you know that a French cafe has named a hamburger after just Zlatan Ibrahimovic? It is a 600-gram hamburger with everything from bacon, cheddar cheese, Swiss cheese and onions – and bread and meat, of course. Burger goes under the French name ” Le Zlatan ” (The Zlatan). Do you think you could get into you all?

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02)  As the 10-year-old, he was coming off the bench in the second half and won the game on their own by making eight goals ! This was when he played for FBK Balkan. The team was in with five goals, but thanks to Zlatan appearances he succeeded entirely on their own things around the Balkans advantage by making eight goals in one half ! The match ended 8-5 to the FB Balkans.

03)  He has made a big name for their high kicks and their acrobatics on the football field. And it all might not be as strange as he also has a black belt in taekwondo . The black belt, he took the 17-year-old in Malmo. In recent years he has also received an honorary belt from the Italian taekwondo team.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

04) When the Xbox One was released Zlatan Ibrahimovic played a major role for Microsoft. They asked him, namely to be the face and specially design a limited edition of the game console – where his signature would also be included. The custom-designed Xbox One would be launched at this year’s edition of FIFA 14 . Zlatan is not shy to stand in advertising campaigns, and it all ended with Zlatan all teammates of his former club PSG were given a specially designed Xbox One was – of course, with his autograph on it! What else?

05)  When he has played in a bunch of different teams, he is also the only one who ever scored in the Champions League for the entire six different teams ! The first goal he scored for the Dutch Ajax , then he has also scored for Italian Juventus and Inter Milan , Spanish Barcelona , Italian AC Milan and French PSG . This year, Manchester United will not be taking part in the Champions League, but if he plays more a year, and they will qualify for the world’s biggest club coup might he shatters its own record – provided he scores a goal in the Champions League for Manchester United, as clear!

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06)  Zlatan Ibrahimovic has the overall highest transfer cost ever – in world history . Today is his transfers cost between all the various club teams to a total of 171 million euros ! Ajax he bought from Malmo FF to EUR 7.8 million . Then he went to Juventus for 25 million euros . From Juventus to Inter Milan for 24.8 million euros . From Inter to Barcelona for the entire EUR 69.5 million . Barcelona since he sold to AC Milan for 24 million euros after a period of lending. Last but not least, he went from AC Milan to PSG for 20 million euros . Manchester United, he was free, however, when the contract with PSG expired. I say that I usually: “It’s fun when things go well for others … a blast.”

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

07)  Ever since he went to Ajax from Swedish Malmo FF he has always won the league title at least once with each club!

08)  One of Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s greatest soccer idols are the now retired Brazilian Ronaldo . Even as a teenager saw Zlatan up to Ronaldo, and posters of the player adorned his boy’s room.

09)  It could be something completely different of the world star. As a 15-year-old , he thought it was much more fun to work in Malmö harbor . But his former football coach managed to persuade Zlatan Ibrahimovic to focus fully on football – and good is that?

10)  In March in 2014 released the Swedish Post Office a set of five stamps of the football star. Did you come across a few of those stamps? Save them , for who knows, maybe in the future they are worth the big money!

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