Top 10 Facts you probably did not know about Argentina

Argentina is the second largest country in South America formed as a federation of 23 provinces and an independent city called Buenos Aires. Like Brazil, Argentina has made a name on the map, thanks to its outstanding football skills – but the country is so much more than just football and Lionel Messi!

Argentina is the eighth largest country in the world, and is the fourth largest Spanish-speaking nation after Mexico, Colombia and Spain. It is also the world’s largest Spanish-speaking country to the surface. Argentina claims the British Overseas Territories, Falkland Islands / Malvinas and South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands.

Top 10 Facts you probably did not know about Argentina

It also claims a part of Antarctica, although the process of different countries’ claims on parts of Antarctica was interrupted by the Antarctic Treaty. Here are also ten facts – besides football – that you need to know about the Republic of Argentina!

01Argentina got its name after a legend …
The name “Argentina” originates from the Latin word argentum , which means silver . In the past,Europeansbelieved that the country was full of silver , andaccordingto legend, there would also be a mountain in Argentina, made entirely of silver. The rumor of the silver mountain reached the Spaniards in 1524 .

02Argentina is most different … The
country is said to have the highest proportion of cases when it comes to adultery throughout South America. Separating has been legal in the country since 1987 , and now Argentina is also ranked to have the highest proportion of divorces in the world.


03Current Franciscus is the first non-European pope …
Franciscus, the present and the  266th Pope of the Roman Catholic Church, was born in Argentina and the first non-European who has been chosen to act as a Pope in the Vatican City . Earlier in life, the present pope has been working as a doorman for a bar in Buenos Aires.


58,000 frames were required to create the world’s first animated film …
Argentine Quirino Cristiani was the first in the world to create an animated movie. The animated film El Apóstol  (see image below) was created in 1917 and lasted for  70 minutes . In total, over 58,000 images were used to create the 70-minute animated movie.


05No other country is listening so much to the radio …
There is no nation in the world listening to the radio as much as the Argentineans do. On average, an average smoker places a total of 2.1 hours  per week listening to the radio – instead of using the Internet or TV . No other country has such a high cut!

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06HBTQ important for politicians in the country …
Argentina was the first Latin country that allowed married marriages in 2010 . They were also first in all of South America with the new law. The country in question was also the first to legally approve that a child has two dads . The child, born in Buenos Aires in 2012, has received two dads listed on his birth certificate .


Maradona has its own religion and beer made by political parties …
The number of retired football legend Diego Maradona  (see figure below) has gotten his own religion named after him, but it is not himself who lies behind it – without his fans ! It is also not uncommon for all political parties to have their own beer brand named after themselves, which they manufacture and distribute on their own.


08The fingerprint technique is derived from the South American country …
Argentina was the first country in the world to use fingerprints to determine if a person was guilty of a crime or not. The first known example of fingerprints occurred in June 1892 when the police used a bloody fingerprint that remained on a door to match Francisca Rojas to the killing of her two children. Francisca Rojas was convicted of murder.


Vin + Argentina = Sant …
Argentina has been one of the world’s leading producers of wine since the 16th century and has about 1,800 active wineries (see picture below) that produce today. Today, however, they are “only” the fifth leading country when it comes to wine production here in the world.


010Half a million illegal abortions per year …
Abortion is still officially very limited in Argentina, except in cases of rape or if the mother’s life is at risk due to pregnancy. But at least over 500,000 illegal abortions occur annually in the country, which is considered to be one of the highest numbers in the world .

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