Top 10 Facts you probably did not know about the Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda triangle is an approximately 1 million km² triangle-shaped region (bounded in the west of Miami, in northern Bermuda and in southeastern Puerto Rico) in the western part of the North Atlantic, where a number of airplanes and ships allegedly disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

Different forms of theories have linked these disappearances to paranormal or extraterrestrial activities. Anyway, here are at least ten facts about the mythical place of Bermuda Triangle that you should know!

Top 10 Facts you probably did not know about the Bermuda Triangle

01Six aircraft disappeared without a trace …
There have been a whole host of myths about mysterious disappearances , but the Bermuda Triangle legend actually began seriously when five TBF Avenger battle plans  – called the 19th group – and a rescue aircraft  (a Martin Mariner plane ) Disappeared, at least, mysterious circumstances in the area of December 5, 1945 .

The five combat plans disappeared during a regular routine assignment in the area. The rescue plan sent out to search for the missing plan also disappeared as tracelessly- and nobody ever found them. Even today, one is uncertain of exactly what happened, although there are a number of credible and controversial theories .

02Was widely known only in 1964 …
The rumors became known only in 1964 , when the journalist Vincent H. Gaddis wrote in the journal Argosy about mysterious disappearances in the area. Ten years later, 1974 , the Bermuda Triangle was widely discussed, when Charles Berlitz and JM Valentine wrote the book The Triangle of Death (The Bermuda Triangle). The book claims that an unusually large number of boats , ships and aircraft had lost or wrecked for unexplained reasons in the area known as the Bermuda Triangle .

multitude of different theories … Researchers have long tried to give a logical explanation to the phenomenon, but the views differ. Some believe that the Bermuda Triangle consists of anti-materia and that everything that comes there just dissolves and disappears .

Some also think that it could be a gateway to a completely different world.  Charles Berlitz , co-author of the Book of Death’s Triangle , however, had a little more controversial theory – namely, there is a pyramid on the seabed, which is behind all the disappearance of both ships and aircraft.

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May be the cloud’s fault … According to a relatively new theory, it is claimed that the hexagonal clouds are the reason that ships and aircraft crash in the area. The theory says that these hexagonal clouds create so-called ” air bombs “, which simply explain is air that hurts rapidly and hits the sea at an enormous speed , thus breaking down all the materials that are in the way. However, there is no science that underlines this, and according to NASA , this type of cloud is found in several places on Earth.

05Outstanding …
One of the perhaps most widely-discussed theories is about aliens . Many have over the years claimed that they have seen aliens and other unidentified objects across the area, declaring that all and all who move to the Bermuda Triangle become victims of abduction of aliens. But everyone would become victims of aliens knowing we are untrue, because the area is highly trafficked by both boats and aircraft today.

06Perhaps the most logical theory …
Natural scientists have given many different theories to what could be a natural reason for the disappearance of both ships and aircraft over the years. The most discussed is that the Gulf Stream has something to do with it, since it is a sea ​​stream that acts like a river in an ocean.

The current is very strong and can easily iron with  a small plane or a boat with potential engine problems . Another theory, as scientist John Hutchison  stands behind, is that there would be some form of ” electronic fog ” that expels all the electronic in the ships or the craft. Several experiments have been made, which indicate that the so-called fog actually exists in the area.


Or can it be Atlantis like ghosts?
But the theories do not end there. Researcher  Scott Stones claimed as late as 2005 that it is the lost island of  Atlantis , located on the seabed and responsible for all disasters and all disappearances. However, Scott Stones is not the first to mention this theory.

08Mystical events as late as 2015 …
As late as 2015 , the cargo ship left  SS El Faro Florida for its trip to Puerto Rico. The ship disappeared tracefully on the road, but was found at the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle a few weeks later. However, what never could be found was the passengers aboard the ship. The only logical explanation that has been given is that the crew fought in the storm, believing to have made the ship sink.


Can be perfectly normal …
Larry Kusche , the man behind the book ” The Bermuda Triangle Mystery – Solved “, claims that all theories are just trams . According to him, all disasters have been completely normal and took place in severe weather conditions . Every day there are many planes and boats through the area, without any accident, and Kusche believes that everything about the Bermuda Triangle is just one big myth .

010The area is not over represented in
accidents. Collected data indicate that a large proportion of these incidents have either been reported incorrectly or their importance has been exaggerated by various authors in the area. Most official authorities argue that the number of incidents and circumstances surrounding them resemble the conditions prevailing in any part of the ocean , and statistics show that the world’s most dangerous areas for shipping do not include the Bermuda Triangle.

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