10 Facts you Probably did not Know about Deforestation

Deforestation means that the original forest covered area is converted to deforestation, cropland, pasture or open ground, either by human activities or natural causes such as forest fires. One of the biggest problems of our nature is human deforestation in the Amazon – and not to mention the ecosystem affected on our planet. Here are ten facts you should know about deforestation!

 10 Facts you Probably did not Know about Deforestation

01) Amazon jungle has been the biggest victim of deforestation and McDonald’s is one of the leading contributors to halt deforestation. The popular fast food giant has used out of a cunning tactic to justify massive deforestation and taxing the limited resources of the earth.

02) Palm oil is often used to make Halloween Candy and is a cause of deforestation’s, with the result that mainly orangutans – and other animal species – has lost its natural environment.

03)  Deforestations, in Haiti has spiraled so that the natural rain forest has been felled by up to 98%. A large part of this has led to a full 80% of the total population living in severe poverty. In 1923 covered 60% of Haiti’s land area with rain forest. Today, the surface of the rain-forest down to just 2%.


04) Researchers believe that a massive deforestation’s took place prior to the construction of the gigantic and well-known pyramids in Egypt. The majority of scholars are pretty much agreed that in the past has been a rain forest  on the site of the pyramids stands today.

05) In Indonesia felled it as most rain forest in the world. In second place is Brazil . If we continue to harvest the forest will both countries to face an extremely difficult economic success in recent hand.

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06) Politicians would like to discuss the environment, and many would actually improve it. Today there is a big focus on reducing emissions to get the polar ice to stop melting. But deforestation of our rain forest is actually the biggest threat to global warming.

07) The Roman Empire has been the worst skogsskövlarna of all time. The reason they felled as much forest – both the rain forest as regular forest – was because they wanted broad space for their agricultural and gigantic plantations.

08) An American nun murdered in cold blood in Brazil when she told openly about the negative impact that agriculture has on account of the massive deforestation in the country.


09) Hiking Dove was almost completely eradicated by the year 1914 due to over hunting and the massive felling of the planet’s forests. Today the future looks a bit brighter out walking pigeon, but many of them live in captivity for breeding. However, this is not the only bird that has suffered our logging, and even insects and other animals have become, or are close to being destroyed them.

10) Mustashkampen feel you safely to where you should cultivate mustash against prostate cancer. Actor Harrison Ford has had its own way to increase awareness of deforestation, which may not be immediately became a major hit. He waxed namely chest to increase the awareness of what we are doing to our planet.

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