10 Facts You Probably did not Know about Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro is highly topical since he recently passed away, 90 years old. For those who do not know the Fidel Castro of Cuba, he was prime minister between 1959-1976 and then as autocratic president from 1976 to 2008. He came to power after a civil war and overthrew the then president and Dictator Fulgencio Batista. His death has become both mourned and celebrated in the country, when many thought he ran Cuba’s economy into the ground. With that said, here are ten facts about Cuba’s former leader, you probably did not know!

10 Facts you Probably did not Know about Fidel Castro

01. Castro led Cuba for five decades and is the ruling that has been the third longest in the world ever. The only thing that has been longer than Castro is the British Queen Elizabeth and the King of Thailand (who also recently passed away).

02. Despite torpedoes and assassins who tried to access the Cuban leader, an invasion and five decades of economic problems, he managed to still sit out nine US presidents; from Eisenhover to Clinton.

03. Sure, it can be boring to listen to long political speeches sometimes? Then be glad you did not live in Cuba under Castro’s time in the 60’s. He holds namely the world record in the longest speech ever delivered by a leader. The speech went on for four hours and 29 minutes and held on 26 September in 1960.

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04. The US intelligence agency CIA had a plan to use chemically produced depilatories that would make Fidel Castro’s beard to fall off.

05. Year 2007 was not a fun year for the CIA, when it released documents revealed that several agents in the organization had collaborated with the Italian Mafia in an attempt to assassinate Fidel Castro during the year in 1960.

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06. In 1940 wrote the then 12-year-old Castro a letter to then US President Franklin D. Roosevelt and asked about getting a 10 dollar bill sent to him. The reason? He had never seen one before.

07. American CIA plans to invade Cuba and dismiss Cuban president went under the code name “Operation Castration ‘, funny enough.

08. When Castro came to power in Cuba were a lot of things banned in the country. But perhaps the most remarkable storyline was that he beodrade all Monopoly board games that existed in the country would be destroyed. Bad loser?

09. In an interview with a local newspaper in the country to Fidel Castro have said that he saved a total of ten days a year by just help shave.

10 Three of the former leader of Castro’s sons is named after “Alexander the Great”; Alexis, Alejandro and Alexander.

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