Top 10 Facts you Probably did not know about Iceland

Iceland is a republic that covers the island of the same name as well as its associated smaller islands. Iceland is located in the northern Atlantic between Greenland and the Faroe Islands, just south of the northern circle of poles (except the island of Grímsey).

Despite this situation, the country has a milder winter climate than northern Sweden because mild streams of water pass by the island of North Atlantic operations. However, the summers can be quite chilly and have a lot of rainfall. The country was not too late to put its name on the football card after an extraordinary effort in the last football European Championship, where Swedish corporation Lars Lagerbäck took the country longer than ever before!

Top 10 Facts you Probably did not know about Iceland

Here are ten facts that you should know about the great island of the north!

01The whole population has access to the internet …
Iceland is the only country in the world where 100% of its population have internet access . Sweden, however, is not far from the Icelanders with a  93% availability, and 91%  actually use it.

02A mosquito-free
summer night … Sure is summer wonderful ? While the mosquitoes start to appear and annoy one on the summer evenings, it may be a little less cozy. Iceland is the only country on our planet that counts as densely populated where mosquitoes do not exist.


03No risk of incest …
Given that the country in question is quite isolated as it lies at sea on an island, it may be a bit clever to know which ones are related . Therefore, its government has developed a phone application where you enter a person’s name or social security number to find out if you are related or not. The app has been developed just to prevent incest in the country.


The phone book is sorted by first name instead of last name …
Unlike the Swedish phone directory – or, in principle, all countries’ phone directories – the country’s telephone directory is instead sorted alphabetically by first name instead of last name. This is because many Icelanders have the same surname. Most commonly, they end on ” -son ” or ” -dottir “.


05One of the world’s peacefulest lands.
Iceland has no defense system and is known as one of the world’s most peaceful countries . The military forces that are fighting to establish peace in war-hit countries are privatized and are not ruled by the Government of Iceland. In 2003 , however, it looked quite different, when the country in question still had a defense system. Then they were involved in the invasion of Iraq and sent all the two  soldiers!

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06Most book publishing per capita in the world … The
Isles have a slightly different Christmas tradition, unlike us here in Sweden. During Christmas it is very common for books to be published on Christmas presents, and on Christmas Eve evening you usually read and read the books you have received. Iceland is also the country where most books are published throughout the world per capita, and a large majority of the new books are usually published just before Christmas. The tradition of giving away books and reading about Christmas Eve evenings is called the ” Christmas book flood ” (try to pronounce it if you can!)


There is little need for weapons …
Since Iceland became an independent republic in 1944 , only one person has been shot dead by the country’s police force. This is one of the lowest numbers in the world.


08They got the government to resign peacefully …
It was a successful peaceful revolution in Iceland between 2009-2011, where citizens in the country forced their prime minister and all his government to resign through stumbling on  pots and pans .


Address essential when sending mail …
Because the country is so sparsely populated and small , you can only draw a map with a cross at the destination your mail will be sent if you find it hard to remember the address. The postal office will still be able to deliver your letter.


010Not a single McDonald’s in sight …
Iceland is one of the very few western countries where there is not a single McDonald’s . If they are sucked at the well-known fast food, they may instead get to another Nordic country.

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