10 Facts about Lightning Storm you probably did not know

Thunderstorms are electrical discharges in the atmosphere which manifests itself in a flare of light (flash) and a sharp or rumbling sound (åskknallar, peals of thunder, thunder). These electrical discharges produce very high heat for a fraction of a second, which means that the air is set in motion, which is the origin of åskmullret. Thunderstorms occur in connection with cumulonimbus cloud (bymoln), but can also occur in extremely rare cases in cumulus clouds (cumulus usual). The discharge is then usually much larger than the usual bymoln. This had probably already on top, but here are ten facts you might have a little less on top of a lightning storm!

 10 Facts about Lightning Storm you probably did not know

01Annually loses over 24,000 people lives in the form of ash related accidents or direct lightning strikes. Of all these 24,000 people is about 19,200 men , then it is five times  more common that a man struck by lightning than a woman. The reason for this is that men in many cultures are more risky commitments than women.


A single lightning contains enough energy to roast 160 000 sandwiches . However, we recommend the toaster as a safer alternative.

Lightning Storm
03In 1998 met two African teams in football . A thunderstorm suddenly appeared, and a lightning bolt struck the middle of the football field. The one elvamanna team stendog while the other team escaped with minor injuries. It all baffled the world, until it turned out that the team survived with minor injuries were sponsored by football , which contained a large amount of rubber , which softened the impact considerably.


In 1939 died the whole 835 will simultaneously – a single lightning. It all happened in Utah, USA.

Lightning Storm
05Lightning Storm: A flash is about five times hotter than the sun’s surface.

06If global warming continues at the same rate as it does today, thunderstorms increase by around 50% by the year 2100 . This according to a report from the American scientific association.

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Getting hit by lightning may be a scar for life. Usually you get a tree-like pattern , which is called ” Lichtenberg figures ” (see picture below).

08There is a persistent storm on Lake  Maracaibo in Venezuela. For ten hours each night in the 140-160 nights a year thunders there. Every year it strikes down about 1.2 million lightning in the lake, making it the place where lightning occurs most on earth.


Some eruptions may cause electrical charges, resulting in a thunderstorm . It belongs therefore not at all unusual for a thunderstorm while the volcano has an eruption.

010In 1902 suffered the Eiffel Tower by lightning which resulted in the peak were reconstructed . Likewise hit the US Statue of Liberty of about 600 lightning strikes per year.

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