Top 10 Facts you probably did not know about Singapore

Singapore, formally the Republic of Singapore, is an island and city state, which is the smallest country in Southeast Asia. It is a republic at the southern tip of Malacka Valley (separated from Malacka through the Johores Strait). Singapore has no borders but has a border with Malaysia in the north (via the Johores Strait) and to Indonesia in the south and southwest (via the Singapore Strait).

Top 10 Facts you probably did not know about Singapore

The country is approximately 137 kilometers north of the equator. But here you can read anywhere, instead, here are 10 facts that you might not know about the little island!

01Water independence – against its will …
Singapore is the only country in modern history to gain independence against its own will . It is also the second most densely populated country in the world (after Monaco ).

02Do not forget to flush the toilet …
There is a breach of law not to flush the toilet after you in Singapore. If you forget to flush after fulfilling your needs, you will be fined around SEK 1,500 , and it is not uncommon for policemen to take a look at the toilet after you.

03No visa required …
Singapore is the only country in the world whose citizens do not need a visa to enter North Korea , South Korea , China or the United States .


22% of the country’s GDP comes from state-owned companies.
Despite its free market image , all land is owned by the state and 85%  of the housing is provided by the government’s own housing company. 22% of the country’s  GDP is produced by state-owned companies , including well-known  Singapore Airlines .

05Homosexuality accepted – for women …
Cohabiting relationships are only allowed for women in the country. Are you a man who wants to hug a little with your boyfriend, you should be careful, then gender-related relationships between men are punishable .

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06Importing sand from Cambodia …
Singapore imports and buys billions of cubic meters of sand from Cambodia . This is because Cambodia is in need of money  and Singapore needs more land – a winning agreement seen from the perspective of the bee, in other words.


The world’s longest
avenue … Singapore Airlines flight 21 , which has the longest flight of 18 hours from Singapore to New Jersey, USA, had special cabinets on the plane to store the rescue of any person   during the journey. This is because the planet has no chance of landing on the Pacific Ocean and North Pole route unless any passenger would die.

08Led Zeppelin refused to behave in the country …
Between the  60’s and 90’s men were forbidden to have long hair in the country. Due to the strange law, artists like Kitarō , Led Zeppelin , and  The Bee Gees chose  to cancel their planned performances in the country.


Hard crash laws …
Sweden’s campaign ” Keep Sweden Clean “, launched in 1962  on the initiative of the Swedish Conservation Association , for recycling and increased environmental awareness is nothing against the crash laws in Singapore. If you get used to rubbing down three times somewhere on the streets of the country, you will be punished by cleaning the streets on Sundays , at the same time you will bear a sign saying that you are a “scraper”. It is also illegal to urinate in an elevator – which can be considered as good.

010Expensive to own a car …
You have to apply for a license in the right to own and drive a car in the country. At the time of writing, it costs approximately SEK 800,000 to apply for such a permit.

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