Top 10 Facts you probably did not know about Tokyo

The city is also home to the country’s largest media company with newspapers and TV channels, but also internationally active Japanese companies like Sony, Mitsubishi and Honda.

Top 10 Facts you probably did not know about Tokyo

Have you been there sometime and learned – literally speaking – big city life? Anyway, here are ten facts that you should know about Japan’s capital!

01Jesus and Buddha as roommates …
There is a popular anime and manga series  that originates from Tokyo called Saint Young Men.  The series is about Jesus and Buddha  who live as roommates in Tokyo during a vacation on earth. There, among other things, they try to learn more about and understand Japanese society .

02More had to die in the capital than Hiroshima and Nagasaki …
When the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki fell victim to the Americans’ two nuclear bombs during World War II, Japan chose to surrender. But what many might not really mind was that the Allied bomb bombings over Tokyo actually demanded more Tokyobor’s lives than the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki together .


03An unforgettable birthday party …
In 2010 , Tokyo officials would personally congratulate the oldest man in the city on his 111th birthday. But instead they found skeletal remains on his bed. It soon became apparent that he had been dead for 30 years, and the family had still retired pension funds in his name. The majority of family members were convicted of the crime.


7-Eleven is, at least, popular …
Only in Japan’s capital, Tokyo, there are more than twice as many 7-Eleven stores than there are in the United States. Today, there are about 2,423  7-Eleven stores in Tokyo, and also its headquarters are located in the city.


mirror that makes you smile. Researchers in Tokyo have succeeded in developing a mirror that gives you a smile. With the help of curled glass where the light bounces, it will always look like you are watching. The invention is supposed to be launched in shopping malls and and on toilets to create a happier everyday life – and happier consumers, of course!

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06Tokyoborna is passionate about technology development …
One of the Tokyoborns major features is their great technological interest , which the city fully supports. Apart from the fact that the public toilets are often high tech, there is also a large skyscraper that talks – with the help of lamps – if you should take an umbrella or not when you go out. Smooth, huh?


University of Tokyo takes hologram technology to a whole new level …
“University of Tokyo” is currently developing a tactile hologram system . In other words, they create a hologram that you can not only see – but also touch and feel .


081.2 billion road users per year …
45 of 51  of the busiest train stations are located in Japan. And the world’s most busiest train station is found in Tokyo. The station, known as  Tokyo’s Shinjuku Station , has about 1,200,000,000 road users annually.


The worst time for an earthquake …
On September 1, 1923 , there was a massive earthquake in Tokyo. Unfortunately, the earthquake occurred at noon , which resulted in many buildings and apartments taking fire from the kitchen stove. All of this resulted in about 100,000 Tokyobor losing their lives.


010Here you can make money on everything …
The city has become famous for many odd things, and the Tokyobos are not afraid to try new things. Now you can even pay a guide that brings your goose animals to a sightseeing in the city – without having to accompany yourself. Of course, footage is included in the price!

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