10 Interesting Facts about Fire You did not know

Fire is the phenomenon that occurs when a gas undergoes a concentration controlled, exothermic chemical reaction involving oxidation (combustion) of a combustible substance, in a technical context referred to as fuel. Heat from the reaction contributes to the gas mixture and the combustible substance and oxidizer, but by definition, the temperature is so high that the temperature no longer guiding for the reaction. Combustion takes place thus in the interface between the oxidant and the combustible material (glow) or combustible gases (flames, fire).

The combustion of carbon-containing, liquid or gaseous substances provide flames that lit strongly of black body radiation from microscopic soot particles while the combustion of hydrogen, for example, provide transparent, faintly luminous flame. But enough of the boring, here’s instead of ten facts you should know about the fire!

Here, Top 10 Interesting Facts about Fire You did not know

  1. Anatural gasin Iraq, called for eternity fire, has burned continuously since 4000 years back in time. Eternity fire has among other things mentioned in Herodotus, Plutarch and the Old Testament book of Daniel.
  1. No one knows who invented the popularhydrantswhich usually can be spotted in the US (see picture below). The reason no one knows who is responsible for the invention because the patent was destroyed – ironically in a fire.

Facts about Fire

  1. In2004died over 300 people in a fire in a department store in Asuncion, Paraguay. The whole thing had never had to happen, but the owner was afraid that customers would run away with the goods, and locked because all the doors so no one could get out .
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  1. Two years earlier,in 2002, burned15 schoolgirls inside Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The reason was that the state’s religious police did not consider women decent and Islamic properly dressed to have to leave the building.
  1. Accidents can easily happen, but sometimes maybe we can predict an accident in advance.In1985 used the Philadelphia police in the United States a helicopter to drop two bombs on a house during an armed conflict. The bombs ignited, however, a fire that killed 11 people and destroyed 60 homes.Facts about Fire
  2. A singlefire hydrant in San Francisco survived a massiveearthquake in the year1906 and could thus support the firefighters to save the Mission district. In memory of the event that took place the fire hydrant since 1906 been painted in a gold color.
  1. DuringWorld War II,sent Japan over 9000 “fire balloons” to North America. Full1000 of them managed to get to its destination, killing a total of six Americans.
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  1. Nowadays, most fire stations in the United States apolethat the firemen slide down, but before that had all the fire stations instead of a spiral staircase down. The reason that it was just a spiral staircase was because the horses – which at the time ran fire equipment – had learned to walk up the stairs straight.

Facts about Fire

  1. On August 19 in1980began a Saudi plane to catch fire shortly after takeoff. The plane did however manage to get to the ground unharmed, but when firefighters arrived at the plane and opened the doors had already all 301 passengers died from the smoke.
  1. California, USA, is often affected states when it comes to especially forest fires .When fire personnel is insufficient, imprisoned men to help with firefighting.

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