10 Facts about Barbie Doll you probably did not Know

Barbie doll was introduced in March 1959, and as we all know today represent the doll a young woman. Today, this young woman the world’s best-selling doll and the world’s second most powerful brand among the toys. Many people often compare the Barbie doll with a three-dimensional paper doll, thanks to the wide range of clothes and accessories. Enough of this, here are ten facts you should know about the doll that you certainly have ever played with – if secretly!

10 Facts about Barbie Doll you probably did not Know

01)  Barbie is really just a nickname , the doll’s full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts. She was named after Mattel medgrundares daughter. Their son’s name is additionally Kenneth (Ken).

02)  guess is not Barbie’s biggest supporters, for it is the German woman Bettina Dorfmann. Bett Inna stands by the Guinness Book of Records as the owner of the largest Barbie collection of all, with the entire 15,000 different Barbie dolls. These, she has managed to accumulate since 1993, when interest arose.

03)  Ruth Handler was inspired to Barbie doll after the Swiss dolls “Bild Lilli” and quickly noticed that her daughter enjoyed playing with the “older women” dolls rather than baby dolls.

04)  It may seem to believe that Barbie’s first dress would be any cuts or pink, but no! The first Barbie doll had a black and white striped swimsuit wearing. The doll was then sold for $ 3 .

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05)  Barbies and Kens longstanding relationship got a sudden end in 2004. This follows a 43-year long relationship and the headlines were more in the newspapers than when our Swedish crown princess married – more or less. But since Barbie and Ken were not married were property division hopefully not too extensive. And yes, of course it was Barbie who lived in Malibu Mansion.

Barbie doll

06)  After the relationship ended with Ken Barbie met an Australian surfer named Blaine for two years. Yes, hold your hat, this happens a lot!

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07) Everything had to be a happy ending. Barbie and Ken were reunited on Valentine’s Day 2011. This was announced on Barbie’s official Facebook page.

Barbie doll

08)  A woman named Blondie Bennett spent over 40,000 dollars on cosmetic surgery to mimic the famous Barbie doll to the max! After all operations moonlighting she additionally as a living Barbie mannequin in toy stores. There, it is believed that it will run out – but no! She also takes hypnoterapisessioner to be stupid . In an interview, she said she wants to emulate plastic doll as much as possible, and obviously this should be included as well, to be stupid.

09)  Barbie’s résumé is more glamorous than you and me – believe me! She has had over 150 careers and has been in space for the entire three occasions (1965, 1986 and 1994).

Barbie doll

10)  Every second sold the average three Barbie dolls worldwide. That is to buy more Barbie dolls than babies are born in the United States. Had Barbie thus consisted of a country she had been greater than the entire US in terms of population.

BONUS)  Barbie Dolls are banned in Saudi Arabia and became so by their religious police force. In an official statement, they have said that they banish the dolls from the country because of the challenging clothes and sexist the poses, and that only the Western perverted people who buy these dolls.

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