10 Interesting Facts about Lego you did not Know

All of us have probably at some point sat and built with the world’s most popular toys – Lego! Like the damned have probably also most trampled on some Lego piece of mistakes and sworn higher than the unit can sound. The Danish toy grows for what passing year, and last year they went even beyond Barbie when it comes to being the world’s most popular toy. With that said, there are ten interesting facts about Lego you should know about the small colorful plastic pieces.

10 Interesting Facts about Lego you did not Know

01)  When the Danish man Kirch Ole Christiansen founded what today is Lego was it thought that it would be called “Automatic Binding Bricks” , but the insistence that the name was not sufficiently conspicuous was changed instead to “Lego”.

02)  On average, owns all the people on earth 86 Lego bricks each.

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03)  Six pieces “eights” (that is, eight knobs on) can be put together with each other throughout 915,103,768 different combinations.

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04)  Only about 18 Lego bricks per one million will fel producer or are unable Legos hard durability tests.

05)  If Lego mini figures would be a real population, it would be the world’s arguably biggest population group. Over four billion mini figures are in our homes.

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06)  During the Christmas season, it sold about 28 Lego packets of different types per second, worldwide! There is a lot of it, and to actually understand how much it is, we can put it like this instead: it’s 1680 sold packages per minute , or 100,800 Lego Package every hour! 2419200 bought and sold during the Christmas shopping worldwide. Then consider the massive productions Lego actually!

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07)  Lego is – believe it or not – the world’s largest tire manufacturers. Admittedly, in miniature form. Every year, a little more than 306 million tires of various kinds.

08)  The world’s tallest Lego tower was built with the help of over half a million Lego bricks and was all over 34 meters high.

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09)  There is a reason that Lego minifigures are colored yellow. The company believed that yellow was the color that was most neutral to religion and skin color. In recent years, however, Lego started to produce dark-skinned and Asian Lego figures, but only if they are based on a specific person, otherwise they are always yellow!

10)  The reason that about Lego does not manufacture military Legoset because the founder, Ole Christiansen Kirch, did not want the children to play and be inspired by the war. Lego other words, a happy toy!

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