10 Interesting Facts about the Odd Sports Rules

There is a whole plethora of sports, and also there is an even greater variety of rules to adhere to. As is usually the rules are examined and changed, but one thing is at least fairly safe; there are a bunch of silly and urdumma sporting rules that are worth mentioning. Although all the odd sports rules would require infinitely many more points than these ten, so we can at least offer some of the most bizarre! Please enjoy!

 10 Interesting Facts about the Odd Sports Rules 

01In karate style  Kyokushinkai , founded in 1957, do you train with full contact rules , known as knock-down. However, it is not permissible to beat your opponent in the head . However, it is perfectly acceptable to give a kick to your opponent’s head .


A gymnast must deduction of points if her hair is not perfectly set up . That explains why marketers gymnastics hair always looks so plastigt out.

03In Formula E race , the cars are completely electric . But what is perhaps less known is that the car that most tweets about gets an extra boost , resulting in the car to go a little faster than all the others for a short period. Talk about PR-built sports!


04A golfer is not allowed to ask his opponent for advice . Likewise, you need to wear slacks and polo shirt during international competitions.

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05Water Polo Players who enter the arena with untied bathing caps must not participate in the match. Whether they would tie it in retrospect.

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06In volleyball matches where teams are mixed with both women and men, a woman must touch the ball after each serve for the team to get points . This rule was, in other words not something that only existed in schools – it is also real.


In lacrosse, women have no physical body contact be made between the players. May seem funny when lacrosse in fact a contact sport initially.

08To score in an important football game can lead to a total happiness! Sometimes a completely uncontrolled luck! But did you know that if you are celebrating your goal all too much  can result in a yellow card . To also put himself at the opponent’s goal line and push the ball with the head results in a red card , then it is considered to mock the opponent.


Baseball players may not integrate with someone from the opposing team under any circumstances when they have their playing uniforms on them.

odd sports
010In damhockey  it is not allowed checking . Obviously someone who does not like contact in women’s sports.

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