10 Reasons You Should Watch Movies Danur

Indonesian cinema re-arrival of local horror movie entitled Danur: I Can See Ghosts . Danur is a film based on personal experience Risa Saraswati, a woman indigo can see the creatures invisible. He also wrote a book titled experiences through the Gate of Dialogue Danur .

Danur tells the journey of Risa, indigo children are friends with the ghosts of Dutch descent. Once Risa had to deal with the evil ghost named Asih intending to kidnap his sister, Riri, as sacrifice.

1. The story is adapted from a true story, based on personal experience Risa Saraswati.

2. Film Danur starring prilly latuconsina who also became his first horror film.

3. Demi plays the character Risa, Prilly deliberately asked his inner eye opened in order to feel the thrill of seeing a ghost.

4. On the eve of the premiere Danur, five ghost friend Risa is Peter, William, Jansen, Hendrick, and Hans supplied empty seats covered with white cloth. At each seat reserved their favorite objects.

5. In the film Danur , Risa played by prilly latuconsina Sundanese sing songs titled Dolls Abdi . That said, this song is a song that is used Risa to call friends haunted.

6. This horror film adapted from a book called the Gate of Dialogue Danur which already has many fans.

7. Danur is the first horror film in Indonesia that carries a story where a ghost is not always evil.

8. According to Prilly, her character in the film Danur is the most difficult character throughout his experience of acting on the big screen.

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9. In addition to Peter cs, movies Danur also displays the apparition of a woman named Asih played by Shareefa Daanish. According to Risa, Asih is the mortal enemy of Peter csn in real life.

Shareefa Daanish appearance as a ghost evil woman named Mercy.

10. In addition to playing in Indonesia, the film reportedly Danur will also be screened in a number of neighboring countries such as Hong Kong, Brunei, Singapore, and other countries.

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