10 Unique Facts Regarding Christmas Day you do not Know

Christmas Day is one day off the world’s most liked by many people because of the facts and reasons such as a long holiday, a holiday that marks the New Year, the Santa Claus, and so on. To make Christmas more attractive again, know 10 unique and interesting facts following which you may not know related to Christmas.

10 Unique Facts Regarding Christmas Day you do not Know

  1. Farewell Season

Based on Facebook, two weeks before Christmas is one of the most popular time in which the lovers and couples will break up or berpiah Whereas on Christmas Day itself ie on December 25 is one day where separations occur at least. Perhaps it can be concluded more easily open the gifts instead of buying them?

  1. Xmas

Christmas or Christmas is often referred to an abbreviated as Xmas, and at first this caused outrage many people, especially Christians. They assume that by changing the name of Christ (Christ) to be ‘X’ is a form of insult. But in reality the letter ‘X’ in Xmas is the letter chi which is the first letter in the Greek name of Christ, namely Χριστ? Σ.

  1. The Birth of Jesus Christ?

We often hear that December 25 is the birthday of Jesus Christ and that was the beginning of Christmas day. P Whereas there are in fact the Bible does not indicate exactly when the birth of Jesus Christ, even a lot of the initial assumptions on when the actual birthday of Jesus. After going through various changes in dates and the influence of Rome, then by Pope Julius I, December 25 made the date that we know today as the day of Jesus’ birth but can not be ascertained the truth .

In addition, December 25 is also the date of birth of many gods of various beliefs as one of them is Osiris and Horus. December 25 is also the day of birth to various famous people such as one of them is Isaac Newton. Here’s a complete list of events and people who were born on December 25.

  1. 13 Santa Claus

In Iceland or Iceland there’s a “ Jolasveinar ” which refers to the 13 Santa Clauses in Iceland. 13 Santa Claus is a subsidiary of Troll Gryla and Leppaludi. Gryla and Leppaludi himself is described as a terrible creature that will eat naughty children throughout the year. Initially, 13 Santa also has the same properties as their parents where they will spoil Christmas by stealing food, gift, killed livestock, ruined clothes and so on.

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But because of the influence and assimilation of foreign kebudaayan then now Jolasveinar described as 13 Santa Claus was good and served just as Santa Claus as we know, that brings gifts to good children.

  1. Christmas Tree

Some of you may have heard that Martin Luther was the first person to do the decoration on a tree used as Christmas trees. This story says that he was moved by the beauty of the starlight among the branches of pine trees.

It turned out that in fact this story is not true; the Christmas tree was first associated by Saint Boniface in the 7th century. He menenbang a tree to prove to locals that the god Norway was not real. Until the 15th century, people did have to cut down trees and put them in their homes with a variety of ornaments around the tree. At the time of Martin Luther come, a tradition that was already there, but maybe he was the one who popularizing this tradition to be known world.

  1. Santa Claus exist in Alaska

Each year, there are hundreds of thousands of letters from children around the world sent to the North Pole, precisely in Alaska. Then if the children got a reply? Perhaps, since 1600 the local population plays into Santa and trying to reply to every letter has to be sent back address.

  1. Santa Claus Late in Greece

Christmas traditions from one culture to another is different, this applies particularly for Greece. In Greece, Christmas still celebrated on December 25, but Santa will arrive late and new prizes will be awarded in the New Year.

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In other countries is also very unique Christmas traditions, eg People would visit the Finnish Sauna on Christmas Eve, while the Portuguese People will celebrate Christmas for those who live and those who have died.

  1. Santa Claus is Pastor Turkey

Christmas often associated with Santa’s origin is unknown. But the most common belief says that the real Santa Claus, based on a Pendet in Turkey, Saint Nicholas. He was born in the 3rd century in a village Patara, Turkey, and known to give gifts in secret for those in needs. Pergambarannya as Santa Claus red colored grease emerging from the 1823 poem, “A Visit from St. Nicholas ” also known as “ The Night before Christmas. “

  1. The Greatest Christmas Gift History

Is the greatest Christmas gift you can imagine? In 1886, the US or America to be the recipient’s largest Christmas gift in the history of France, which also makes France became the largest Christmas gift givers throughout history. With a weight of 225 tons and a height of 46.5 meters, the prize was none other than the Statue of Liberty.

  1. Christmas Peace

5 months since the start of the First World War, soldiers from the Allied Front pause to celebrate Christmas by singing Christmas songs on the battlefield. The next morning, the Germans as the Allies out of perlindunganya Front and approaching Allied troops by singing “Merry Christmas” in English.

Fortunately, it’s not a trick. Dozens of British troops from the Front allied then also go out and greet them with handshakes, some exchanging cigarettes as gifts and even play football. This became known as the Peace of Christmas or Christmas Truce in 1914 that showed how great the impact of Christmas Day.

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