10 Weirdest and Funny Laws Rules in the World

Legal regulations and various other rules exist and are made to ensure order in the neighborhood concerned, but there are some Funny Law Rules which is very strange, funny and even absurd to exist. Here are 10 Funny Law Rules of the strangest and funniest ever in the world.

10 Weirdest and Funny Law Rules in the World

  1. In California, a vehicle without a driver may not cross the speed of 60 miles per hour

How often do you see a vehicle without a driver passes the speed 0 miles per hour? Moreover, the car was speeding? Wow.. Who will be chastened on that? The car?

Although this law sounds absurd, but it will not be long since proved the car without a driver (driverless car) by Google. Yes, ultimately the law is no longer simply punishing the car and can be practiced real at that time (which makes this law may be an astrologer).

  1. In Florida, you are not allowed to have intercourse (married or sex) with hedgehog

Although a person uses his worst imagination, have you ever imagined sexual relations with a porcupine? This is a rule that is in Florida, you are forbidden to marry or have intercourse with a porcupine.

It sounds very reasonable, but in fact there are two Russian tourists who want to try to violate this law . As you can imagine, in the end both these tourists go to the hospital and found spikes in their genitals and they almost have lost their genitals. Fortunately it is known after they came out of Florida and they are not punished for it. This is what they get for harassing the hedgehog.

  1. In Nova Scotia, Canada, Watering lawns while rain is ilegal

Probably to save water and allocate appropriately, this law is not too strange if the purpose of it.But when was the last time you saw someone leave the house for watering the grass, when the sky is also doing the same thing (it was raining)? Out of the house while the rain alone was lazy, especially for watering the lawn while the rain.

  1. In New York, Jumping of the building will be punished with death

Jump off a building, and then sentenced to death, the fate of more ‘lucky’ what else can happen to these people? But, people who want to commit suicide will be happy to know this law because the authorities will complete this action if the person does not become a lifeless body crushed.

The purpose of this rule is made is anticipating an event where someone jumped suicide while a busy street and hit a pedestrian. Yeah, but who thought of this law while they jump suicide, and only then if they know. Probably quite reasonable if we think about different situations such as if the person had jumped to adrenaline (skydiving, bungee jumping, or parkour).

  1. In the United Kingdom, a pregnant woman may urinate anywhere she wants, including a hat police if he asked

Funny Laws Rules

You are a tourist and want to see the royal guards in the UK, and a pregnant woman approached the royal guards and asked his helmet so he could urinate in the helmet, you’ll probably discourage you. Yes, in the UK, a pregnant woman may urinate anywhere if he wants including hats authorities (police) if he requests it. It has even been proven, in which the police also have to cover this event with a coat.

It is one of the oldest rules that still exist today, which has been in force since the days of horse-drawn carriages for transportation. So if in the UK there was a pregnant woman who asks your hat, remember this law.

  1. In New Jersey, Wearing a bullet-proof vest while murder is illegal

A killer forbidden to wear bullet-proof vests while he committed the murders. Rules that make sense if the killer did obey, so the police can easily stop the killing action. But for what the killer obey it? After all, he was breaking one of the toughest laws, namely the killings. Maybe he is a warm-blooded killer (good).

This is one way to give the government more severe punishment to the killer in addition to the act of murder which he did. It is a law that actually exists in the country.

  1. In Thailand, out of the house while not wearing panties is an illegal act, even if wearing more clothes (not nude)

Someone was on the streets of Thailand, suddenly he was arrested. The person then asks what a mistake that he did and the policeman replied: “You do not wear panties. You have the right to remain silent, anything bla bla … (read rights of the accused).” Wow.. The police officer must have eyes that can see invisibility to know about it.

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How did the police know that the person is not wearing panties when he wore other clothes to complete? So if he was not wearing trousers but his underwear then it is better? Hmm .. Maybe the eyes of the police to judge as the photo above.

  1. In Singapore, Urinating Elevator (lift) is an illegal act

Funny Laws Rules

Each person would not like elevators smelling urine (urination), but the Singapore formally absolutely hate it. Some of them even equipped with elevators Urine Detection Devices (UDD). The UDD will detect if there is a smell of urine in the elevators, if there is then an alarm will sound and the elevator doors will not open until the police arrived and arrested the accused.

Urinating in an elevator (lift)? Seriously. Imagine you are waiting for the elevator, the door opens and you see people urinating there. Topic ideal if we are talking about an awkward situation (odd). Outstanding person which one would do this? But if you search the Internet, you will find that the elevator smelled of urine frequently occurs (usually when someone is intoxicated, they found urinating in elevators).

  1. In Switzerland, Reading poems as he went down the mountain with skis is illegal

Maybe this rule was made because in those days people were very poetic, up to the time he was skiing, he recited the poetry of Shakespeare and accidents befall the person and made this rule. That person would be very poetic to the time he ski-ever he showed his happiness with her poem. No one knows clearly the purpose of this rule, where also people can know someone is reading poetry while he was skiing.

  1. In Ohio, Make a fish drunk is illegal

Funny Laws Rules

Driving while intoxicated is illegal in modern states; even in our country drunkenness is notorious action. But what if the subject of the drunkard’s the fish? Perhaps this is to prevent the fish out of the water and hit by a car as he came out onto the street. It turned out that the real purpose of this is to prevent the waste of alcohol .

Maybe all this sounds quite strange rules and amusing for us but we have to realize that all the laws are made by specific reasons and based on experience, so there must be some reason that makes sense behind each of these rules.

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