20 Romantic Valentines Day Quotes Words Have Shame about Life

Valentines Day Quotes : Shame is one of the emotions in humans which hide from uncomfortable feelings if their actions are known to others. Certainly shy and shy is different.

Shame can happen anywhere and under any circumstances, it is usually ashamed to happen if we make mistakes, Sometimes mistakes will usually be hidden because it has become a person’s disgrace. It is funny and ridiculous if the negative deeds are proudly in the umbar to others.

20 Romantic Valentines Day Quotes Words Have Shame about Life

Shame can also happen to people who do good, he would have a sense of shame when his kindness in knowing the other person to avoid feeling ujub or ripple. Goodness is not always rewarded with praise from other human beings, like the left hand does not know what the right hand gives, they just want to expect the reward of the omniscient God.

In the religious side, shame is part of faith. Can we imagine what life would be like in this world if God lifted the shame on man. Not embarrassed to do evil, not embarrassed to address aurat, even can-can not be shy though not wearing clothes. 🙂 hehe.

Not just a matter of religion alone, shame can also happen in a love story, There is a quote that says “shy but willing” :). Sometimes you are embarrassed and pride to say if you love and love him directly. Lah if it is a pity, yes I just say why should be embarrassed. It could be inside your partner’s heart he is eager to hear that you are my dear him.

Apart from that, the point of shame is very important and must be on yourself. But we must also know when to be ashamed and who are not. If it is for the sake of goodness why should be embarrassed.

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Well for the following are 20 Valentines Day Quotes about the Shame of Life

Do not ever feel ashamed to give even a little, because not giving at all must be less value.

If within a person there is still shame and fear to do good, then the guarantee for that person is not going to meet him with any progress.

Do not ever feel hesitate and do not be shy, show the world that we are actually capable.

All that begins with anger, will end up with shame.

I am not ashamed to admit my ignorance of what I do not know

If you have never been frightened, embarrassed or hurt, it means you never take a risk.

Simple people can appear more captivating than fancy people.

When you love someone, Brave yourself to reveal. If not, be brave to see him loved by others.

Because shame will not bring anything but good.

Everyone should not be ashamed of ever having made a mistake, as long as he becomes more wise than ever.

Once upon a time, laugh to forget yourself, let grief and then bury himself.

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Be strong, but not rude.
Be good, but not weak.
Be brave, but not to grind.
Humble, but not shy.
Proud, but not arrogant.

Bring shame in your heart when you want to do evil. Because shame is part of faith.

I am ashamed if only the owner of the sky knows that I am afraid of other than him.

God’s blessings are not counted. Should be embarrassed if you want to complain, learn to be grateful.

The highest measure of a person’s existence, he is obliged to put a sense of shame on him first.

The signs of a believer are when he is happy to do good to others, and he will feel shame.

A wise person will feel ashamed if his actions are no better than his words.

Praised people are those who are embarrassed when they receive praise and silence when struck by disaster.

Sometimes I feel embarrassed and touched, God still forgive me and bring up my pleas as much as I do not care about the thousand sins that surround me.

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