30 Best Merry Christmas Words of Wisdom About Best Maturity

Merry Christmas : Discussing about maturity, do you yourself feel grown up now? Being a personal adult is not easy, and it is also difficult to know how the characteristics of someone who has grown up. Because maturity is not measured by how much you age right now. But can be measured with the attitude and calm they have.

30 Best Merry Christmas Words of Wisdom About Best Maturity

In this life, we often find people who are clearly younger than we are considered the most mature, adults in this case does not mean they are old from an early age, but their thinking is far superior to those of their age. Examples do not have to be far away, for example they want to give in, to be calm, Understanding, can understand others and have a concept of directional thinking.

There are also people who are mature who should have the attitude and adult nature it still has a childlike or childish nature. For example, selfish, irritable, do not care (indifferent), want to win alone and so forth.

Actually, many factors that affect the maturity, one of them is a matter of life. Yes everyone has their own problems and trials. Either life matter or romance story. Often the problem is diverted as a heavy burden that must be borne alone.

But unknowingly, this is where the secret lies how the problems and trials may affect our personality in the future. A truly mature person will be able to deal with it calmly and accept all the current circumstances, they believe that everything that has been destined for him is something that is best for us now and in the future.

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Although their hearts are sad because of disappointment, to just entertain and calm down. They prefer to draw attention to those around whom he loves like a family in a positive way, rather than running away or continuing to drown in endless regret.

Conversely, a person who confronts him is immature. Usually will be sagging to finish it. Often complain, do not want to receive Kenyatta and so on. Yes that’s the parable of how important an adult is.

The point is that being mature does not necessarily always apply, there are times when humans need a childlike attitude to console themselves and the hearts of all problems and sadness. But do not be too excessive. It’s good we know where to bespeak adults and who do not.

Fix bad habits and improve good. Well, without speaking longer. Here are 30 Words of Wisdom About the Best Maturity. Fix bad habits and improve good. Well, without speaking longer. Here are 30 Words of Wisdom About the Best Maturity. Fix bad habits and improve good. Well, without speaking longer.

Here are 30 Merry Christmas Words of Wisdom About the Best Maturity.

Adults are not how old they are, but how they can control, control, and take responsibility for themselves and others.

When we feel tired of doing good, then actually the fatigue will disappear and the good will be eternal. When we have fun with sin, the pleasure will be lost and the sin that will last.

Know the happiness does not belong to those who still hope despite continuing to hurt, and still trying to continue despite disappointment.

Do not force yourself to survive that keeps you disappointed, because you can be so valuable to others.

Life is never out of trouble, because trouble is one way god makes you a stronger and more mature person.

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Sometimes, you think someone has changed without you realizing it’s happening because he’s getting older.

Apology does not always prove us wrong, But it shows our maturity.

Time is the way that will lead us to become more mature.

Sometimes God introduces you to those who make crying, so that you may be grateful to those who make you laugh.

An adult or childlike attitude will be visible when he or she is facing a problem, not from old or young.

Iklahs accepts mistakes, and learns from every mistake. That will make you strong in life.

Do not you ever insult a person’s past, because you do not know how his future will be.

Adulthood is not only from being able to speak with a calm mind but also must be able to solve problems that there is not even ignore it.

Do not hate those who speak ill of you, because they are the ones who make you strong every day.

Never underestimate yourself. If you are unhappy with your life, correct what is wrong, and keep moving.

No matter what your life is like, you always have the choice to look on the side of good or bad.

Sometimes a person judges a man’s maturity from words that come out of his mouth, when adulthood is actually stored in his mind.

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The adults teach us something right and will not repeat the wrong things before.

Maturity sometimes teaches you that life does not always go as you wish.

Adults are when we get hurt by others but try to understand their situation, Not even reply.

A sign of personal maturity intact if we succeed in making choices based on faith and love.

The quality of a conversation is not judged by how much you speak. But how many people understand what you are talking about?

Never hate God for not fulfilling what you want. Be thankful to Him for He is able to give you what you need all this time.

Praying for those who love and love you, that’s sincerity. Pray for those who hurt and hate you, that’s maturity.

It takes maturity to understand adult thinking. And the problem is the way to mature.

Let the wound mature me, let the pain that exercises my patience.

It’s common to face regrets. And is ready to face regret the next regret that God Almighty matures

one’s maturity is not measured in the way of talking and berprilakunya. But a man’s maturity can be measured to the extent to which he can be faithful and sincere in just one person. That is the meaning of maturity in romance.

I’m sure every problem that ever happened gives us more maturity, from which I learn that togetherness is important.

Maturity is seen from how a person manages his anger, even to the person who makes him so disappointed.

Because the words are really only a string of letters that everyone can utter. Until adults can only be seen in attitude and deeds. That’s really adult that can not be in copy and paste.

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