30 Best Valentines Day Words of Relationship Without Status

In a romance story, there are times when a person is in a relationship without a status where the love affair is felt without certainty and clarity. It’s not boyfriend, and is said to be a friend but like going out.

30 Best Valentines Day Words of Relationship Without Status

Talking about relationships without status, two examples are usually found why a person is considered to be a relationship without status, the first is when one of the party (cowo / girl) who again PDKT hope to a more serious level of courtship but rather ignored or not even accept certainty.

And second is usually the case in a friend story. In this case, like a friend but intimate (TTM), Sometimes the seeds of love arise when togetherness is shared. Despite having been friends for quite a while, but somehow one party or both-both feel comfortable with each other and sometimes the heart was beating fast when spending time together.

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There is jealousy, there is a sense of worry and others. But unfortunately, sometimes they choose to remain silent and sacrifice their own feelings just because they value the status of friends.

It would be a bit sad to talk about the relationship without status. But that way, there is no need to blame yourself and regret the situation, much less by punishing yourself. The reason, regarded as having the wrong feeling, should not fall in love, and so on.

There’s nothing wrong with the love you have, the wrong thing. If you really like it, let’s say it. Although he refuses and thinks you’re just a friend. The important thing you already know the answer. Believe me you will not be hurt kok, rather than keep the feelings that continue to make you sad.

Words of Relationship Without Status

If I did not mean it, I could not have survived so far.

Because comfortable, can make people so forget that they are only limited to friends.

God, I’d love to be the reason he always smiles.

The hardest thing I feel is where I’m sick of staying with you, but I can not live without you either.

Nothing to have but fear of losing. Sort of has no status but feel jealousy.

Not because of who you are I love you, but because of what happened to me while with you.

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Love is when one’s happiness is more important than your happiness.

Let it all go as it is, pass by properly, and end up with it.

I’m not only tired of defending you, but also tired of keeping us alone.

Praying for you is my way of loving you, without your knowledge.

I can only see you from afar. Expect you to forget, and miss you in silence.

Kkalo every hope we always go according to plan, we never learn that disappointment is reinforcing.If I am not by your side, I will always be jealous of anyone who can see you smile today.

Sometimes things you can do is survive. No matter how painful it is, it will hurt more if you lose it.

There is a patient waiting, waiting for the unchanged. Some are tired of waiting, eventually looking for a replacement.

Not my makseud to keep you waiting. But kumuhon, give me a moment to set my future.

I’m sure we’re always in the same story, even though I’m not there, even though I’m not here.

It’s not about listening but understanding. Not just looking, but paying attention. Not about being there, but giving meaning.

Do not blame the third person in the relationship, why ?. Because it will not “enter” if the host does not open the door.

When you sincerely love someone, you always mention his name in your prayer, even though you are nothing to him.

You can not make someone love you, which you can only console yourself to be loved by someone.

When you wake up and start looking for me, remember what you forgot. Because I’m always there, on forgotten things.

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If I say, “I no longer need you”. So I am a hypocrite, because in my every day I am always looking for you.

Take care of your heart, base your feelings. I’m only limited to your admiration, not I refuse you, only I do not want to hurt you.

Oh my God, if one day I lose my hopes and goals, give me the belief that your destiny is better.

If you want to leave, say goodbye. So I know how to close the door. If you want to settle, tell. So I know how to close the door.

Better to end the relationship sooner rather than late. You will never spend every day, every week, and every year with people who do not really love you back.

If in the end I give up, that means I’m already tired. Do not ask me why, just ask yourself. Have you wasted so much for your patience and effort to you.

Someone who really loves you, will feel that something must be said once, Because he thinks that you have understood him. If you say too much, he will feel that nothing will make him happy and smile.

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