30 Heart Touching Valentines Day Quotes Images Friends + Girlfriend

Valentines Day : Not everyone is good, it does not mean that we think negative, but if anyone likes there is someone who hates, it is one of the natural laws that God has outlined on human nature. Likewise with such cases, if there are loyal ones, there must be some who betray.

30 Heart Touching Valentines Day Quotes Images Friends + Girlfriend

Speaking of treason, Sometimes we feel that the person who often betray it is a smart person, he is clever to hide the real him by pretending well in front but foul behind behind. Sometimes this world looks funny, there are initially sweet but the tip is crying, that’s hypocrisy. But there are also the originally evil eh even leads to become friends and people closest.

It’s been discussed earlier, that traitor is usually for people we really trust like friends and girlfriends. A friend is the person closest to us, not even rarely the closeness beyond our own family.

He who always accompany us to grow, school, home or office, laugh or play together, passing jokes and sad to face problems together, and not infrequently, One of us says that I and he are friends who are already eating and drinking. Yes it is a true friend.

Valentines Day

Mending has one true friend, instead of having 100 traitors

Beware if you confide and trust too much with someone. Because sometimes the name of a traitor can be used to be a friend first.

Be careful to trust a friend, sometimes his sincerity that appears in front of the eye is a mere mode to take advantage of us Be

aware, let alone the people around you, sometimes people you just know can stay away if you still have the bad nature

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No need to lick to look, not Need to bark if you want help, not have to bite to rich. Life is not as wonderful as a friend.

Friendships that can be exchanged for a piece of money is a painful thing. But believe me, it is the beginning of the process of poverty.

Do not waste energy on a traitor, because his character is inferior to you.

Because a person who has the potential to be a traitor is not from the enemy but from the closest people like friends and friends.

Simply a smile for someone who has done evil to you, Remember, the god never sleeps. And there are times when they can reply.

A hypocrite is the one who likes to steam gifts with rotten meat, always likes to show off the wrap, but always taku pas open its contents.

Behind the pain of betrayal I feel, I thank you. Because your betrayal makes me no longer friends with hypocrisy.

Because sometimes, you have to be ready to accept a rough answer, even though you speak as politely as possible.

Maybe I’m not a good person yet, but I’m learning to be the best, not necessarily good, at least I’m not hypocritical with pretending either.

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Do not ever announce hatred to a traitor, because sometimes the wrong one believes the culprit is our own.

Betrayer Starts From The Licking Character.
Licking Starts From The Criminals’ Character.
Criminals Start From Dying.
Thus, betrayer will be dying of the Hereafter.

Do not think when you hurt me, you look great. Remember, by that time you’ve lost someone who really loves you.

I used to think you were the best for me, but my decision to choose you was the biggest mistake for me.

You Give Me Sweet Honey. But the stinging pain makes the honey a bitter poison.

Every love will be beautiful if a pair of lovers can feel the same way, in the likes and the sorrows, not a betrayal.

If you want to know, cheating is easy, but why not try something more challenging that is SETIA.

To be honest I have long wanted to get away from you but have no reason. And now I thank you for treason of yourself creating a reason to leave you.

I can do more than you who have been hurting me. I can be more angry, more indifferent, and more willing!

I can not hold a grudge and be angry because of your betrayal. Because I do not want to humble myself This is as low as you are.

I never asked you to obey me, nor to fulfill all my needs, but please understand my feelings a little.

The prettiest revenge for him who betrayed your love, is to be the one desired by those better than him.

Sometimes the best thing in a betrayal is to be grateful for the break with him.

I’m glad you betrayed me. At least I know what kind of human beings are good at pretending.

A loving thief actually steals a traitor, they are right for each other, Ikhlaskanlah.

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