Merry Christmas 2017 Images Quotes & New Year 2018 Quotes

Merry Christmas 2017 Images Quotes & New Year 2018 Quotes

  1. May we all be blessed with unending blessings. Hopefully santa will not forget to grant your wish. Hohoho … Merry Christmas.
  2. Our family wish you Merry Christmas and New Year. May you be healthy and prosper in the new year.
  3. Let us welcome the new year to come.
    Let us rejoice in every moment of our lives.
    Let us celebrate this blessed year.
    Merry Christmas.
  4. May the world be filled with the warmth and love of Christmas.
    May we all be blessed in the coming new year.
    Merry Chrismast and Happy New Year.
  5. Life is full of twists and turns.
    With faith and hope, nothing is impossible.
    Keep believing, doing good, and shining.
    Merry Chrismast and Happy New Year.

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  6. Christmas is the time to share the heart with love and affection.
    Christmas is a time of giving and receiving blessings.
    It’s time we are happy, because our savior is born.
    Merry Chrismast and Happy New Year.
  7. The best gift is not the most expensive gift.
    The most beautiful gift is not the one in the tree.
    The most beautiful and beautiful gift is Christmas itself, the birth of our Savior God. Happy Christmas Day 2017.
  8. Let’s
    be happy with the new year 2018. Let’s be happy on this Christmas day. Happy Celebrating Christmas 2017.
  9. If a fat person falls from a tile,
    do not be surprised.
    Santa wants to say hi to you.
    Merry Christmas.
  10. Christmas is a season of blessing and love.
    Merry Chrismast and Happy New Year.
  11. Can you send me a photo? I’ll send it to santa let him give you a gift. Merry Christmas 2017 and New Year 2018.
  12. It’s December.
    Moon full of chocolate and cake.
    The moon is full of blessings.
    Because in this month our savior was born. Merry Christmas.
  13. Happy Christmas party and New Year good luck always. May the Light of Christmas be in our hearts and be light for the family. And fellow. Merry Chrismast and Happy New Year
  14. May the Light of Christmas be dwelling in our hearts and be light for the family, as well as the neighbor. Merry Christmas

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  15. Christmas is proof of God’s love for us.
    Have we received the love and salvation that Jesus provided? Love Christmas.
  16. Christmas is proof of God’s love for us. Have we received the love and salvation that Jesus provided? Happy Christmas Day December 25, 2017.
  17. Let us be the carriers of love, peace and light for the world. Merry Christmas, may our life and family always be filled with love and peace.
  18. Our family wishes a happy new year and wish the new year to be a beautiful beginning in this life step.
  19. Open HEART there is peace. Open EYES no light. Open LOVE no joy. Open SMS no greeting DAY CHRISTMAS & NEW YEAR.
  20. Happy in the heart, when the bell heard tolling the sign of Christmas has arrived. Gloria in exelcis Deo! Peace on earth, peace in heart. Merry Christmas.
  21. Happy celebrating Christmas Day. May Peace always be with all of us.
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Hopefully in the new year more blessed in health, family, work, and more mature and wise.
  22. Christmas is every day for sharing, caring and loving. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
  23. Peace on Earth, Peace in the Heart. Let the Peace and Love of Christ and the joy of Christmas be with our day. Merry Christmas.
  24. Merry Christmas. May this year’s Christmas Jesus want to be born into our hearts that are holy and pleasing in his sight

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  25. Happy Christmas day n new year. May the grace and peace of the Baby Christmas be bestowed in the midst of family, work and ministry
  26. May the perfection of Jesus, His love and blessings be with you as a family for Christmas and forever.
  27. Happy christmas huh. The peace of Christ surrounds us, feel the beautiful Christmas Eve.
  28. Merry Christmas, I wish you the Christmas blessings of giving a new spirit to enter the new year.
  29. Happy christmas huh.
    The peace of Christ Jesus surrounds us, feel the beautiful Christmas Eve.
  30. Faith makes all possible. 
    Hope makes all work.
    Love makes it all wonderful.
    Hopefully this Christmas we get all three.
    Merry Christmas.
  31. Christmas is the time to express love to the people closest to us.
    How could I forget you. I Love You. Merry Christmas.
  32. No cards I can send.
    No interest I can give.
    There’s no cookie I can cook.
    There’s only this nice Christmas SMS for you.
    Merry Christmas.

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  33. Holy night, silent.
    Your star is sparkling.
    The savior has come to the world.
    Merry Christmas.
  34. Your Father Santa huh? …
    Because you are the most beautiful gift for me. Merry Christmas.
  35. On this Holy Night.
    In this silent night.
    The born savior of our Lord Jesus Christ has been born. Merry Christmas.
  36. Pak Mamat Buy Pillow. Merry Christmas.
  37. Happy Happy Christmas 2017, May the Peace of Christmas be with all people and happiness always felt because God has come and greet us.
  38. Merry Christmas. His birthday is growing faith in all of us.

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