4 Things About the Titanic that Make People Wrong

On 15 April 1912 was recorded as the last moment of the luxury liner RMS Titanic sailed the seas. The ark was submerged in the Atlantic Ocean after hitting an iceberg on the night before.

The Titanic sank on its maiden voyage. The ship set sail in April 1912 to New York, United States. Just four days it operates.

Iceberg tore watertight compartments along the hull of the Titanic. In just a few hours later, the ship sank in the Atlantic Ocean. More than 1,500 passengers and crew were killed.

Story of the RMS Titanic still fascinated many people around the world. The tragedy that occurred on a large scale to make people not satisfied with the explanation outstanding. Therefore it appeared a number of conspiracy theories related to the incident.

Here are four of them that Liputan6.com quotes from various sources, on Thursday (13/04/2017):

1. Curse of the Mummy

Not only conspiracy theory that emerged describing the cause of the sinking of the Titanic, but also related to the occult. The ship was allegedly the victim of a ‘curse’.

It is said that among the cargo carried the ark, there is a mummy nicknamed ‘The Unlucky Mummy’, which has a horrible reputation: jinxed.

Ancient Egyptian mummies are reportedly stored in a stone coffin or sarcophagus. He sealed with terrible curses – that makes the Titanic, as well as icebergs ditabraknya to a tragic end.

The preserved bodies allegedly was a daughter of the Kingdom of Ancient Egypt called Amen-Ra. He allegedly died mysteriously in the year 1500 before Christ.

The story told in the media a number of post-sinking of the Titanic. Mentioned, these mummies kept secret underground chamber in the British Museum.

Only replicas are on display. This was done to protect the staff and visitors.

Then, an expert on ancient Egypt from the United States found that the stone coffin is on display in the British Museum are blatant fabrications. So he persuaded the museum so that he could buy the artefacts to be brought to the United States.

After that, the stone coffin wrapped in such a way that no one realized what was in it and transported in the cargo Titanic.

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“The bundle contains the mummy to be transported to the ship secretly, because of its shape resembling a coffin,” according to excerpts contained an ancient newspaper Milwaukee Journal on May 10, 1914. “We finally survived him … The next day the mummy will leave the UK by boarding the steamship Titanic. “

Is this correct?

These are the facts: in 1985, Charles Haas, president of the Titanic Historical Society to gain access to the cargo manifest and diagrams of the Titanic.

Although the vessel is transporting unusual goods such as poultry feathers, fur hats cells, tissues, parts, leather, rabbit fur, rubber, hair nets, and cooling devices – no clues exist where the mummy there.

Also worth noting, Amen-Ra not refer to the place, except the name gods of Ancient Egypt.

Moreover, the fact, ‘Unlucky Mummy “is just cover a casket, it did not contain mummies. Moreover, these artifacts have never left the British Museum today.

2. Message ‘Satan’ in the hull of the Titanic

Some apparently see where the Titanic as a symbol of defiance against God.

After the sunken ship, rumors began to spread throughout Ireland and the United States that “anti-Catholic message” hidden in the ship’s hull number, namely 360 604.

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If it is written on paper and seen from a mirror, the figure can be read as NO POPE – no whales. Many have claimed that the number of gastric Devil is the cause of the sinking.

But the myth is collapsed instantly with just one simple fact: the number Titanic’s hull is not 360 604, but 401.

In addition, a number of rumors mention that the Titanic harmed because there was a procession break the champagne bottle into the hull, as is commonly done another vessel.

However, the shipping company White Star Line, which operates the Titanic never perform a procession because they did not believe that trust.

Reporting from thefw.com , in the film A Night to Remember which tells the story of the sinking of the Titanic, the initial scene showed that the vessel had undergone a procession fateful breaking a bottle of champagne. However, bad luck still override it.

3. Captain Titanic Coming Retirement

Captain Edward J. Smith may take part in the Titanic wreck on Sunday night, April 14, 1912. The accident claimed the lives of more than 1,500 men, women, and children.

Command structure under his leadership failed to avoid the iceberg and do not slow down the pace of his ship when it was reported to be frozen lump in his voyage path.

However, the choice to remain in the ship swerved and nearly drowning in the Atlantic Ocean made his name to be remembered as a hero. History records his heroic death.

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