5 Asian countries are so Backpacker Starter Favorite Destinations

Backpacking increasingly trendy in recent years. More and more people are trip or vacation abroad without travel agency assistance services. In addition to cheaper, backpacking is also more exciting and challenging. For you the backpacker starters, there are a number of Asian countries often become a tourist destination. In addition to the backpacker friendly, these five countries also have a stunning beauty.

Here are five Asian countries newbie backpacker favorite.

1. Singapore


The neighboring country’s most visited tourist backpackers because objects are complete. For tourists Indonesia, to Singapore roads is not something which is difficult because a lot of promo airfares to the destination of Singapore. So to save on travel expenses, travelers can spend more money on shopping and culinary center there are cool.

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2. Thailand


Not only beautiful and rich in culture, Thailand also offers a range of cheap accommodation that is affordable, so that the country is practically very friendly to backpackers. Various tourism sector at the White Elephant Affairs, ranging from nature, culture, culinary, to shopping.

3. Indonesia


Backpacking in their own country? Why not? Indonesia is too broad to be explored in one night! This country holds so much natural beauty and culture that has invited millions of foreign tourist every year. Traveled in the country is also more fun because you do not need to take care of passport or adapting to a foreign culture and language.

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4. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

What is interesting from India’s neighboring countries? Many! As the country’s giant neighbor so, Sri Lanka is also rich in historical and cultural travel. Many travelers are interested in coming to this exotic country for both reasons. In addition, local people are also friendly to foreign travelers, backpackers so newbiee should try to get there.

5. Turkey


The latter is Turkey. Because of its location in the middle of the border of Asia and Europe, Turkey has a unique culture. Anyone who likes to watch Turkish TV series are definitely a little out of it. Style buildings east and west converge there and culinary specialties Turkey so tempting. If you get there, you have visited a very beautiful city, Istanbul.

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