5 Differences Ghost in the Shell Film Version Anime and Live Action

Good news for all you lovers of anime film Ghost in the Shell . In March of this year’s film Ghost in the Shell version of the live-action claim Dream Works will appear in theaters Indonesia in late March 2017. The anime film Ghost in the Shell (1995) directed by Mamoru Oshii had become the talk interesting in the era of the 90s as one animated film that presents the science-fiction to see exciting action.

5 Differences Ghost in the Shell Film Version Anime and Live Action

Was baseball patiently watching the movie? We consider first the five differences yuk movie Ghost in the Shell version of the anime and live-action itsthe following.

Scarlett Johansson as the lead

Interesting fact most obvious is Scarlett Johansson finally lined up to be the main actor who plays as Major Motoko Kusanagi. This election clearly different from the anime version that puts the robot character flawless Japanese women. This Hollywood remake version before selecting the beautiful actress Margot Robbie for the crucial role. But eventually fall on Scarlett because Margot prefer to play in Suicide Squad (2016). FYI , for the role of Scarlett offered a contract worth Rp 133 billion. Wow!

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controversy whitewashing

In the remake version of Ghost in the Shell this year there was controversy associated with the issue of whitewashing for election actress Scarlett Johansson as the main actor. As is known whitewashing is the phenomenon of a white actor or actress who played the character in the outer race (Asia, Africa, or even, the Indians). This phenomenon has long been the case in the Hollywood film scene, as in the movie Avatar: The Last Airbender (2010) in which the character played by the importance of the white race. Film live-action Ghost in the Shell is different from its predecessor anime film version apart from the controversy about race.

Nama Major Motoko Kusanagi diubah menjadi Major Mira Killian

Still struggling in its main character, in the movie version of the live-action time is the name of a cyborg who became his main role was changed to Major Mira Killian. The decision to change the name most likely in order to get a good response from the international audience since Motoko Kusanagi name that still sounds thick typical Japanese name. Even so, in the film we will more often just to hear his name called Major.

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Story approach that not only takes place in Japan

Producer of the film live-action Ghost in the Shell, Steve Paul said if indeed the purpose of the film is for the international market and that setting the story not only focuses on Japan. Anime movies predecessor concentrate story Prefecture Niihama or more often called New Port City where characters Major Motoko Kusanagi work is in Section 9 who served overcome the hackers and cyber criminals .

The scene of action which is better

Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell this year secured comes with a story and the action scenes are more challenging. Scarlett Johansson is believed to animate characters Major Motoko Kusanagi that has a cool character at once brave. Scarlett will lead the elite forces, Section 9, which sought to quell a dangerous villain of technology cyber . Keseruan Ghost in the Shell version of the live-action can be seen in the official trailer has been released recently.

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