5 Eternal Fire in the World, One is in Indonesia

Eternal flame is a flame, lamp or torch that burns continuously indefinitely. Most of the eternal flame tends to be deliberately ignited, but there are also natural phenomena caused by natural gas leaks and coal seam fires, initially all caused by lightning, piezoelectric or human activity, some of which have been burning for hundreds to thousands of years.

5 Eternal Fire in the World, One is in Indonesia

The man-made eternal flame is made to commemorate a person, commemorate a nationally important event, or as a symbol of immutable nature such as religious belief, or a reminder of a commitment to common goals, such as diplomacy. Then where the eternal fire is located, here are 5 of them;

1. Gas Crater Darvaza

The greatest eternal flame in the world, the greatest eternal flame
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Long before the tragedy of LAPINDO in Sidoarjo, a similar incident occurred in Derweze Turkmenistan (formerly Soviet Union) in 1971.Tragedi that led to the formation of gas crater. This gas crater is now known by local people as “Door to Hell” or the door of hell.

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2. The eternal fire of Mrapen – Indonesia

A picture of fire that never goes out
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The legend of Sunan Kalijaga (one of 9 Guardians) and his followers were exhausted at the end of a long journey. They stopped to rest and spend the night in Mrapen village, but they were cold. Sunan Kalijaga puts his wand to the ground, pulls it out, and lights the fire that warms them. The eternal flame in this Mrapen has never been extinguished until today, even in the rain of the wind.

3. Stone fiery Chimaera (Yanartas) – Turkey

The never-ending fire, the never-ending fire of the world, the never-ending fire of 2500 years, the never-ending mystery of fire
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This is the location where dozens of low-burning flames are generated from vents in the rocks on the mountainside . This fire is called Yanartas in Turkey, and has been burning for at least 2500 years.

4. Cave of Water and Fire – Taiwan

Eternal fire in the world, eternal fire in madura, eternal fire in bojonegoro, eternal fire at waterfall
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Taiwan has some fantastic volcanoes and natural hot springs. Due to local geology, mountain mud produces methane gas. “Cave of Water and Fire” is near the temple where the gas burns. But actually this is not a cave, but it is rocks and hot tubs. Methane gas supplies continuous fuel, which gives the appearance of fire burning on rocks and water.

5. Chestnut Ridge Park – United States

7 eternal fire in the world, eternal fire at the waterfall
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Located behind a waterfall at the Shale Creek Preserve south of Chestnut Ridge Park in Northwestern Pennsylvania. Here you can see the eternal flame behind the beautiful waterfall. Research is still ongoing to find out where the fire came from. Nevertheless, the eternal fire is now still a beautiful and mysterious phenomenon.

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