5 Reasons Taeyang Married to Min Hyorin

Taeyang Big Bang and Min Hyorin have set their wedding date on February 3rd. The sacred event will take place at a simple church in Seoul.

From the data collected SINDOnews, there are five reasons that make Big Bang Taeyang married Min Hyorin. Anything?

1. Obligatory Military
Taeyang has been enrolled in a compulsory military training center. Singer who has the real name of Dong Young Bae is apparently not wanting to lose her lover Min Horin who had been fancied for four years.

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Understandably, many causes of breakup of Korean couples due to conscription. It also happens in some circles of celebrities.

2. Age
Min Hyorin is a mature woman. The reason, he was 33 years old. This mature age can not be awaited by former actress JYP Entertainment. It is also felt Taeyang who also has entered the age of mature.

3. Appointment To Parents
Taeyang becomes a big bang member who is singing his family. Both parents asked Taeyang to marry in order to take care of his life.

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4. Type of Idaman

Min Hyo-rin is the stage name of Jung Eun-ran. She is now better known as a model and actress. Some movies and plays include Sunny (2011), Grand Heist (2012), and Twenty (2015). He is also often a star in various events, such as Sister’s Slam Dunk first season. Min is also an adult woman who continues to give spirit to Taeyang. That’s what he needs.

5. Birthday Gift

Not without reason Taeyang Big Bang chose February 3 to release singles. On that date adjacent to Min Hyorin’s birthday. For that Taeyang want to give a special gift to Min Hyorin by marrying her.

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