5 Things to Remember Before Backpacking Thailand

Not surprisingly when people flocked to Thailand in the holiday season. Countries in Southeast Asia known to have beautiful beaches, magnificent temples porters, as well as culinary and shopping fun. To be more fun, more people are choosing the road to the White Elephant Affairs backpacking, instead of using the services of traveling or follow open trip. In addition to more efficient, backpacking clearly more relaxed and liberal.

5 Things to Remember Before Backpacking Thailand

So, what you need to know before vacationing in Thailand?

1. The validity period of passport

A passport is the first and most fundamental thing that should be known by anyone who would backpacking abroad. Expiry passport must be more than six months, because if not, you’re definitely not allowed to travel abroad. Fun, Thailand imposed a visa-free policy for many countries, including Indonesia. Well, if you have a passport whose validity period is still long, Thailand can be used as a single destination for holidaymu.

2. Hunting for flight tickets and hotel cheap

Because we do ourselves backpacking, then everything else we have to prepare the case itself, including the most exciting part of this: hunting promo flight ticket and hotel booking valuable slant.

snacks Thailand
Street food Thailand

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Do not let your vacation budget discharged only for these two things, that’s why you have to be clever and painstaking in choosing the best and lodging. Entrusting the affairs of the inn on a number of trusted applications such as Traveloka, and hunting cheap tickets in various reputable online sites.

3. Packing ala Thailand

Packing for Thailand is different from the packing to New Zealand, for example. Because, like Indonesia, Thailand also hot and tropical climates.

Bring appropriate clothing, such as T-shirts, shorts, flip-flops, hats, and sunglasses so that the streets there is more fun. For those who do not want the sun damage the skin, prepare sunblock and lotion. And do not forget, always take it as well as drugs and cash taste.

4. Plan an efficient trip

You know Thailand has plenty of fantastic tourist attraction, and it seems unlikely places were visited once. Therefore, schedule or plans that fit the allocated time and budgetmu.

If it should be listing the places that are okay, then Phuket, Pattaya, Koh Samui, Grand Palace and Madame Tussauds Museum is on the top list. Do not let not visiting the sites of cool huh.

5. Culinary, street food!

Street food Thailand is worldwide, and this is one of the goals of people traveling there. The price offered is very friendly for backpackers. Various delicacies presented, ranging from street vendors to restaurant, so just select. If you are confused where to go, just go cool culinary center following: Wang Lang Market, Petchaburi Soi 5, Banglamphu, Ratchawat Market and Silom Soi 20. Guaranteed will not regret it!

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