5 Things to do When You Study in the Unites State of America (USA)

United States consisted of 50 states. It is difficult to be able to visit all the places there, especially with the little free time while you study there. But of course there are some places that should not be missed on your visit.

5 Things to do When You Study in the Unites State of America (USA)

Watching the show in New York

United States is famous for theater performances and art, and Broadway is the best place to enjoy all the performances such as drama, dance and music. There you can watch the best shows like Wicked Tony Award winner, Billy Eliot or The Book of Mormon, and you also get to see behind the scenes of a Broadway production processes such as Bare or Stomp. If you want something different you can also visit the stage cabaret or comedy. Make sure you have reserve tickets in advance, because there gig tickets quickly sold out.

Enjoyed Performances Sports

Sport is very popular in the United States, especially baseball, basketball and American football. Most universities and colleges there has its own team. Try to come watch and enjoy the atmosphere of social activities there, especially if you have the opportunity to follow Major League games, you will be carried away so memorable.

Visited Playground

There are many amazing playground in America. Orlando in Florida is famous as the center of the playground in the world. There you can visit DisneyWorld, Universal Studios and other playgrounds. Six Flags is a series of playgrounds which can be found in as many as 15 locations in the United States.

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There you can enjoy various games white-knuckle rides, a variety of water park, or The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Makan di IHOP

Want to enjoy a pancake? Make sure you visit the International House of Pancakes. You can enjoy a delicious pancake and diverse flavors there. Do not worry if you do not like pancakes, there are also provided other menus such krepes, waffel or eggs.

If you go during the night also provided a package for a dinner menu consisted of burgers and steaks. IHOP scattered in many places and cities there, and is the right choice if you want an American atmosphere to enjoy with your friends.

visiting Gettysburg


Gettysburg National Cemetery and Gettysburg National Military Park are two of the most historic places in the United States and maintained by the United States National Park Service. Battle of Gettysburg is often described as the most decisive peak occurred during the civil war.

President of the United States at that time, Abraham Lincoln, giving the place four and a half months after the Battle of Gettysburg occurred. Provide tours of this historic place where you can see the scene of the battle. There is also available the Museum and Tourist Information Centre to provide a more detailed explanation of the history of Gettysburg.

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