6 Invention Genius Only Exist in Japan

Addition to being one of the country’s favorite tourist destination, Japan is a country full of innovation. Until sometime innovation created in cherry country it does not occur to any other nation.

Launch of pages Brightside ,, the following six genius invention that is only found in Japan . From the start of small to large scale, these discoveries can certainly make it easier.

6 Invention Genius Only Exist in Japan

1. Helmets for hair tied

Hair ties while wearing a helmet sometimes does not add up. However, this helmet could provide a solution.

2. Stand baby in toilet

When traveling alone with a baby, the sometimes difficult when I had to go to the toilet. Cradle the baby in the toilet would be very efficient.

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3. Sink  above the toilet

You do not have to waste any more water to flush the toilet with this innovation. Because water sink , usually not too dirty so it is useful to flush the toilet.

4. Tools soundproof karaoke

Irresistible desire to karaoke? Of course not possible to do it in the office or a crowded room. Then this tool will help you satisfy your craving without disturbing others.

5. A small couch to lie down with laptop

When you want to do something in front of a laptop while lying down, you can use this small sofa. Interesting right?

6. Zebra crossing crossing

For people who want to cross diagonally, it would be very helpful. Especially in crowded locations such as Shibuya, Japan ‘s.

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