6 People of the World who Have Unique Sleep Habits

Everyone has different sleep time. The length of time someone sleep depends on the busyness. The more busy, the sleep will be shorter, and vice versa. As we know, sleep is needed to restore the body’s energy. With enough sleep , then someone will be more eager to run the activity the next day. So the results of work more leverage.

However, there are 6 figures in the world who have unique sleeping habits. What does the habit look like?

1. Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci
Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci’s name is very global because of the Monalisa paintings he once made. This artist takes a very long time to be able to produce quality paintings. So no wonder if bedtime he used to develop his ideas brilliant.

During his life, Leonardo Da Vinci always tried to maximize his sleep time. However, the idea that is in his head often interfere with his mind. So he could not sleep peacefully. Therefore, he used his time during the day to power nap for 20 minutes. Sleep time 20 minutes he did every four hours.

Although only sleep less than 3 hours a day, however, Leonardo’s brilliant ideas he can develop well. Until finally he became a success and will be remembered all the time.

2. Ariana Huffington

Ariana Huffington
Ariana Huffington

If you ever hear a news called ‘Huffington’, know that Ariana Huffington is the owner. After the accident due to lack of sleep that happened to him in 2007, Ariana tried to change his sleep patterns. He also changed the concept of his bedroom to be very optimal, so that he was able to fall asleep with a sound.

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Changes in Ariana’s concept ranging from putting on a soft mattress, a canopy of canopy, changing the sheath and sheets, and replacing all the curtains in her bedroom window. In addition, he also installed aroma therapy as perfumery and spun soft and soft music every time he went to sleep.

3. Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens
Charles Dickens

The name Charles Dickens may be a bit strange to your ears. The results of his worldwide literary work deserves thumbs up. Dickens’s imagination can be poured into producing quality papers. But who would have thought that Charles Dickens had a unique sleeping pattern?

Sources say, Charles Dickens suffered insomnia that made it difficult to sleep. Not only that, sleeping position is also very unique. Every time he wanted to sleep, Dickens had to face North. So no wonder if Dickens always carry the compass wherever he goes. The goal is to ascertain whether the sleeping position is appropriate or not.

4. Stephen King

Stephen King
Stephen King

If you like reading fiction literature and horror, you must know the famous author named Stephen King. Writing works created by Stephen King can be said to be one of the most successful in the world.

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Before going to bed at night, Stephen King had to do a series of rituals he used to do. Among others brushing teeth, face, and hands before bed. However, there are unique facts. Stephen King could not sleep if his pillow position was not tidy. So no wonder if he often set the position of the pillow first so he can sleep soundly.

5. Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill’s name is phenomenal, especially during World War II. Although he is known as a world figure, his life is very messy. In fact he once held a meeting in his bathroom.

Churchill is not an insomniac. However, just at 5 o’clock, he has a habit of drinking a bit of soda mixed whiskey. Then, he will sleep soundly for 2 hours. Upon waking, he will take a shower and start doing all his work. Churchill said his sleeptime during the day helped him to do the work for the next 1.5 days.

6. Marissa Mayer

Marissa Mayer
Marissa Mayer

You must be familiar with this name. Yes, Marissa Mayer is a Yahoo CEO. He is a workaholic figure . In fact he spends 130 hours each week while still working on Google. And if calculated, one week is only 168 hours. That means, Marissa Mayer only spent 38 hours a week to rest.

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How could Marissa survive such a sleeping pattern? He reveals always took time to sleep in the middle of busy. In addition, he also claimed will  take time off for 1 week every 4 months to go on vacation.

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When you sleep not only your eyes are resting, the brain and body too come to rest. The impact of adequate sleep is the maximum energy to perform tomorrow’s activities, so when being productive, the body can provide enough energy to maximize all activities that are taking place and getting closer to satisfactory outcomes.

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