7 Facts Behind Movies Get Out and Why You Should Watch film

Get Out is a film by director blacks, Jordan Peele are a warm conversation in the United States. After its release in the US in February 2017 and then, the film was finally aired also in Indonesia on April 7, 2017. Get Out is quite surprising, because it is not predictable that -thriller horror movie is going to get a positive response from the public and critics.

7 Facts Behind Movies Get Out and Why You Should Watch film

Now, when the Get Out aired in Indonesia, this movie is certainly very dear for missed. Why? Listen 7 facts behind the film Get Out and reasons why you should watch the movie.

1. Got a satisfactory value of film critics

Not unexpectedly the film Get Out obtain satisfactory value of film critics. From 187 critics, this movie gets only one criticism that give a bad score. Before the bad criticism came, Get Out even has a record value of 100% which is a rare acquired by great movies. Earlier there was the movie Toy Story 2 and Man on Wire that scored 100% on the Rotten Tomatoes website, but the number of the second film critique each just 163 and 154, well below the Get Out .

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2. The first film director Blacks who reach Rp 1 trillion

Get Out is Jordan Peele first film work that has impressive performance commercially. Until now Get Out has earned income of more than Rp 2 trillion of global views and Rp 2 trillion from the series in the United States. Whereas for the size of the film budget Hollywood movie fairly minimal, only about Rp 60 billion alone. Advantages of the film which was estimated in tens times that make Get Out able to compete with films blockbusters such as Logan and Kong: Skull Island . With the success of Get Out officially became a film directed by the first black man who managed to break the USD 1 trillion in the United States.

3. Directed by the man behind the comedy Key and Peele

Key and Peele is one of the favorite comedy show in the United States. The show contains a sketch or short films are witty. Jordan Peele together with its partners Keegan-Michael Key is the brain behind the jokes fresh here. Some of the short films at this event can also be viral and still funny to watch repeatedly. One of the surprising appearance was when Keegan-Michael Key appears when President Barack Obama is giving a speech. It is certainly at the request of Obama himself, who was amazed when Key and Peele parodying himself in one sketch them.

4. Substitute Teacher

One sketch Key and Peele is the most popular Substitute Teacher . Probably Get Out has a genre different from most sketch Key and Peele. Substitute Teacher did not even have an aura of horror at all, but is guaranteed to invite laughter. On YouTube, Substitute Teacher has been viewed over 100 million times. Through short films, the reputation of Key and Peele would rise and people start looking for their other works. However, in the film Get Out, Jordan Peele works alone without its loyal partners. Reportedly, there are ’emergence’ Keegan-Michael Key, and viewers must watch well.

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 5. The issue of racism

Both Key and Peele almost always bring the issue of racism in each of their appearance in the style of a smart and witty. Key and Peele itself is an actor of mixed white and black. Both had had a white mother and a black father. In the film Get Out, Peele also helped to raise this issue as his strength. Film Get Out tells the story of a black man who had a white girlfriend who will travel to future in-laws. Horrors began to appear on their way.

6. Horror new style

In the eyes of critics, Get Out touted to have a new style of horror. With the impressive performance of Daniel Kaluuya as Chris, said film is able to scare audiences with maximum. Jordan Peele itself is a horror enthusiast. Some sketch he made there are also some stylish horror. In this film, the critics said that Get Out has a storyline that is original, and not the typical horror-themed generally about people who stray into the empty house that turned out to be inhabited by a cold-blooded killer.

7. Solve the record as the first film with the best-selling original manuscript

Not only broke the record as the best-selling debut film blacks, Get Out also recorded to be the first film with the original screenplay or best-selling non-adaptation. The previous record held by Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez for the film The Blair Witch Project .

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