7 Interesting Facts Film Life that Make You Curious

Sci-fi plots large studio Skydance Media and Sony Pictures Entertainment, entitled Life soon release in Indonesia. Jake Gyllenhaal lined up as the main actor in the film, alongside Ryan Reynolds and Rebecca Ferguson who participated in the ranks of a supporting actor.

Life tells the story of a group of scientists on a mission to study the unique species of the planet Mars. The study turned into a nightmare when it turns out the species being studied attacked them.

Then there are interesting facts behind what the hell this movie? Here is a recap 7 interesting facts movie Life .

7 Interesting Facts Film Life that Make You Curious

Jake Gyllenhaal was first played space-themed film

Hollywood famous actor, Jake Gyllenhaal will play a scientist named Dr. David Jordan. The experience of acting in this film is the experience in the movie-themed prime Jake out of space . Jake is an actor who often played in the serious-themed movie or comedy, he was rewarded nominated for Best Supporting Actor Oscars 2006 thanks to a controversial role in the film Brokeback Mountain (2005). Let us prove the ability of Jake Gyllenhaal acting in space.

Ryan Reynolds should be the main actor

After Daniel Espinosa managed to invite Ryan Reynolds to join the ranks of movie player Life , a major role is given directly Espinosa on Reynolds thanks to its confidence in the previous film projects. However, the problem of conflicting schedule with the filming of The Hitman’s Bodyguard (2017) made the unfortunate Ryan had to cede the lead role in Jake Gyllenhaal. The situation turned out to be thankful for Ryan because he said that at Page Six , she was very pleased to work with Jake.

The first collaboration Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds

Besides Jake Gyllenhaal, actor handsome famous thanks to fim Deadpool (2016), Ryan Reynolds will accompany Jake in space on the film Life . Not realizing it’s the first time Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds shared frames in a movie. It turned out that the two stars really fit with one another, as reported on Page Six , Reynolds stated that he is lucky to be friends with Jake that regardless of the business.

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Hiroyuki Sanada back role to be an astronaut

Talented actors from Japan, Hiroyuki Sanada who plays as Sho Kendo in the film Life previously been portrayed astronaut named Kaneda in the film Sunshine (2007). It also marks throughout his career the actor has acted in outer space-themed film three times through Sunshine (2007), a television series extant (2014), and Life (2017). It seems that the Japanese actor is happy to play in space.

Inspired by the movie Alien (1979)

Plot Life acclaimed director Daniel Espinosa inspired by his favorite movie, Alien (1979) directed Ridley Scott. The premise of the film is offered tends to be not much different from that of a group of scientists in space and meet other creatures that threaten them. Even so, Espinosa added that what makes the film more interesting is the possibility of setting the story that happened not so far from 2017 so that the elements of a thriller on offer will become closer to the audience.

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Film kedua Ryan Reynolds bersama Daniel Espinosa

It turned out that this film is not a prime Ryan Reynolds collaboration with director Daniel Espinosa, they have been involved together in the movie Safe House (2012). In the film, Ryan plays a CIA agent named Matt Weston is hiding in an unknown hideout that people in South Africa. Daniel Espinosa acted as a director in the film and keen to invite Ryan Reynolds to return to play in the film.

Speeding up the movie release schedule

In the original plan the film will be released on May 26, 2017, but Columbia Pictures decided to speed up the release schedule for the film Life as at that date coincides with the release of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales . The decision is considered appropriate in order to avoid competition with the film that has become a franchise of Disney it. Date March 24, 2017 have been selected as a release date in the United States to coincide with Memorial Day, the anniversary of the national hero who died in the United States. The day was deemed suitable to the theme of the film that little slip of heroism through the role of scientists in space.

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