8 The latest Korean Drama Online Starting March 2017

Still spirit oppa and unnie favorite movie in Korean dramas? If yes, then nine popular plays of the month March 2017 it shall be included in your watch list. Genre appeared quite diverse, there is an office drama, romance, comedy, court, until action thriller. The competition among TV stations also got hotter with Dihadirkannya some famous actor as the main actor.

And if you want to watch the latest drama this year, make sure one of the eight following drama in your wishlist. Check these out!

8 The latest Korean Drama Online Starting March 2017

1. Radiant Office

Radiant Office

Drama is installing a typical office starlet Go Ah-sung by the actors began to climb his name, Ha Seok-jin. Radiant Office tells the frustrations of a girl named Eun Ho-won is difficult to get a steady job until he was almost suicidal. However, recently two contrasting news to him; he is considered a serious illness, but also hired as a contract employee.

2. The Liar and His Lover

The Liar and His Lover

Joy Red Velvet this time paired with Lee Hyun-woo in a drama adapted from the Japanese manga. This is the story of Kang Han-gyeol, the former boy band who now works as a music producer under the pseudonym ‘K’. Male depression is then met Yoon So-rim, high school student who had a beautiful voice. He is a member of a band called Machico. Han-gyeol also gradually became interested in him.

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3. Tunnel


Dramatic comeback Choi Jin-hyuk is mixing several genres at once, ie thriller, fantasy, crime, and detective. He serves as Park Gwang-ho, a detective who mysteriously disappeared in 1986 and appeared in 2017, Gwang-ho had one goal, which is to save his daughter. But in the present life was not easy for Gwang-ho had to adjust to new things around him.

4. Whisper


Veteran actress Lee Bo Young returned to the screen, this time he was accompanied by the handsome actor Lee Sang-yoon. This is their second appearance after My Daughter Seo Yeong in 2012 ago. The central character is Shin Young-joo, a female police officer charismatic and energetic in charge. He collaborated with Lee Dong-joon, a brilliant judge nan elite, to uncover cases of corruption in Taebaek, the largest law firm in Korea.

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