10 Amazing Facts about Hong Kong You don’t Know

Facts about Hong Kong. Hong Kong is a special administrative region (SAR) coated in southern China, south of Guangdong Province. Hong Kong has a market economy that is based on international trade and is today one of the world’s leading financial centers Between 1841 – 1997 the region was a British possession, but is today – together with Macau – one of two special administrative regions of China. Under the policy of “One Country, Two Systems”, Hong Kong has been allowed to keep its own economic and political systems; therefore, one can not say that Hong Kong belongs to the “real China”. Reunification with China has worked well, although some tension exists regarding how much of a democratic system that will exist in Hong Kong. More recently, the region has also become a major tourist attraction, and having said this, we offer ten facts that you most likely did not have a clue!

10 Amazing Facts about Hong Kong You don’t Know

01) Hong Kong has one of the world’s most efficient subway systems with the entire 99.9%according to schedule Additionally been guided throughout the system via an AI system. Take that, SJ.

02)  Facts about Hong Kong: In 2012 offered a businessman from the region throughout the 65 million dollars (about 583 million Swedish kronor measured in today’s currency) to the man who managed to marry his lesbians daughter. Worth might add is that no one has yet succeeded.

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03)  Once upon a time existed  Kowloon Walled City  (see photo below) in Hong Kong, an area estimated about 3.25 million residents people on a total area of 2.5 square kilometers . The area was difficult to control by the police, and everything from prostitution to drug trafficking was living in the area. 1987 decided, however, the government that the area would be demolished. First, in 1993, work could begin, which took about one year to complete.

Facts about Hong Kong You don’t Know

04)  Facts about Hong Kong: Precisely because of Hong Kong’s overpopulation and constantly struggling to free surface, get a deceased man or woman only lie underground for six years . Then the coffin is dug up by relatives, who can instead cremate the deceased. If this is not done by loved ones will government to dig up the remains of the body to cremate.

05)  There are 1,223 skyscrapers in Hong Kong. There is no city in the world that has so many skyscrapers that are over 150 meters high just Hong Kong. Although approximately 8,000 buildings over 14 stores high, which is double the number compared to New York City.

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06) On February 21, 2003 infected a Chinese doctor with the SARS virus, and flew to Hong Kong to attend a wedding. Although he had developed symptoms, he felt well enough to travel around the city. He died on 4 March and about 80% of all SARS cases have been in the region since then has been traced back to the doctor.

Facts about Hong Kong You don’t Know

07)  Facts about Hong Kong: In Hong Kong, it is quite possible to get married at McDonald’s! Everything from balloons to food is part of the restaurant chain and is approximately 2000 dollars (equivalent to about 18 000 Swedish crowns). That’s all the girls’ wet dream?

08)  Under the Agreement between mainland China and Hong Kong, China has rights to absorb and carry full rights in the region after the year 2047. How the changes will be remains to be seen!

Facts about Hong Kong You don’t Know

09) Less than 25% of the island is urbanized. 40% of the island is reserved for parks and recreation, and the remainder consists of primeval forests .

10)  Facts about Hong Kong: If you plan to visit Hong Kong, like so many other tourists do today, you can only bring 19 cigarettes into the region No, not 19 packets – 19 cigarettes. That is a single package.

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