Animals with the Very Large Size in the World

As a child, you’ll often hear stories about strange animals. Bigfoot and unicorn can be used as an example of two animals that are believed real for some people but in fact has never been found.

 Reporting from Viral4Real, animals such as dogs tallest, biggest spider, cat and rabbit biggest is real. Its existence has been proved. The videos below will prove it to you.

Animals with the Very Large Size in the World

At the beginning of the video, you can see that the dog is the size of 100 cm was real. Tallest dog named Zeus is a house dog that is declared as the tallest dog in the world. Daily, Zeus was fed 12 plates a day. Unfortunately, before reaching the age of 6 years Zeus dead.

It’s not just a dog, five-minute video also showed a pet with other large size. Rabbit named Darius and a cat named Ludo referred to as rabbits and cats in the world. Darius weighs about 22 kg and Ludo has a weight of 10 kg.

In addition to pets, this video also shows the animals with other large size. Riding high, the highest cow, giant stingrays, and profit to the largest.

The video ends with the appearance of the longest python named Medusa. Snake that has a length of about 7 meters was found in Kansas City. Snake eight years old was once a star in a vehicle Haunted House.

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