3 Asian Countries Can Be Enjoyed At Winter

Want to feel the atmosphere of Christmas, but did not want to go too far to Europe or America? Just go to one of three places in Asia. Some Asian countries were indeed the right to enjoy the Christmas holiday. Moreover there can you rasakaan snow when winter is happening in the country.

Top 3 Asian Countries Can Be Enjoyed At Winter

Citing Sky scanner , following the three countries to be visited at Christmas:

1. Tokyo, Japan


When the Christmas holidays came, Tokyo turn out to be more cheerful Colorful decoration lights which spread at many points to make the atmosphere feel more alive Tokyo. Roping, Coretta Shiodome, and Starlight Garden in Tokyo Midtown are three main places to watch the lighting is not only beautiful, but also magnificent and luxurious.

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Not only that, the country known as the land of the Rising Sun, will continue to rely on rides Tokyo Disney sea and Tokyo Disneyland. Both made an interesting choice for a fun day of.



2. Nagano, Japan

If you are planning to close the year with a taste of winter while playing in the snow, Nagano- ever to host the Winter Olympic Games- is the right place to make it happen. After skiing and snowboarding in Shika Kogen, you can visit Shibu Onsen to relax and get warm in a hot water bath. Make sure you stop at Jigokudani Monkey Forest and see the funny herd Macaca fuscata (Japanese monkey) is having a bath in Onsen. Complete the journey in Nagano with a visit to Zenko-ji Temple and see the art collection at the Nagano Prefectural Shinano Art Museum.

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3. Seoul, South Korea

Entering December, Seoul became the country with the glamor of non-stop for 31 days. Seoul likes most other cities that become more beautiful before Christmas with twinkling lights and Christmas ornaments are colorful.



Also make sure you watch the Lotte World Christmas Festival, an annual parade in Seoul with songs and choreography are very festive. Additionally, you can see Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Ballet which has become mandatory pegelaran watch for more than 20 years.

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