Awesome! This Artist Painted with Real Bird Fur Media

His name is also an artist, their idea is not unstoppable kareatif. We’ve seen how cool their actions are when they paint on canvas, leaves, eggshells, etc, including on a real bird feather. It is Krystle Missildine , who has invited clicking the world in awe of his expertise. He can conjure up bird feathers, which are so mini-sized, great masterpieces.

Awesome! This Artist Painted with Real Bird Fur Media

The artist had indeed stated that he was so in love with art. The newest obsession, which is to paint on the feather. But he also admitted that his mission is not easy, because the surface feathers are easily fragile. If you are impatient and skillful, this job can be so annoying and frustrating. It’s just that, Krystle really think that the sensation is so challenging and exciting .

Painting on feathers, picture of roses on feathers
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Tools and Materials Painting on Bird Feathers

To get the media in the form of feathers, Krystle ensures no birds become victimized. The action does not harm anyone at all. He gets his feathers when the bird does let it go. Otherwise, many parrot owners donate their bird feathers .

To produce a masterpiece, Krystle uses a small acrylic paint and a small brush. Thus, he can freely move the brush to wipe the surface of the painting with a soft and precise.

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Hobbies Paid

Krystle’s love of art , especially painting, has made him increasingly focused and serious. He wants to specialize in colored pencils and portraits of pets using charcoal. Moreover, he has started receiving commissions from his own passion. The earnings made him a passion for designing the future, more so in this artistic field.

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