Baby Bangs, the Newest Hollywood Style Celebrity Trends

Has a hairstyle bangs into its own charm. It makes you look good. There are several models that you can apply. One of them baby bangs are popular among Hollywood celebrities.

Baby bangs is a super short pony trend that was first introduced female celebrities in the red carpet at a number of events, including Emma Watson, Emma Roberts, Alison Sudol to Sofia Boutella.

When considered, baby bangs have a thin bangs that are cut a few centimeters above the eyebrows to reveal the forehead.

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“This is a perfect way to get a modern haircut and open your face. This is an edgy style but still gives the impression of gentle, “said celebrity hairstylist Christopher Naselli as reported by Harpersbazaar.

Baby Bangs, the Newest Hollywood Style Celebrity Trends
In the Critics Choice Awards show, Naselli styled the hair of actress Alison Sudol with short bangs and short wavy short haircuts. Naselli said to produce a perfect look, he uses the mousse as its base on the side of the hair.

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If the bangs of hair are wet, Naselli advises not to dry with air because it can make the texture of the bangs to be tangled.

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