The Most Beautiful Collection of New Year Greetings

Soon we will all welcome the coming of the new year 2017 with joy. Surely the celebration of the alternate years is not complete without writing or sending the best messages to relatives and dear friends. For those of you who find difficulty composing beautiful words to convey, just use the most beautiful collection of new year 2017 greetings we have:

1. In this new year, may your life always be filled with light. Never fear because God and the people closest to you are always with you. Happy New Year 2017!

2. What has been then let go. Welcome the new year 2017 with great excitement and new spirit!

new year 2017

3. Continue to be a blessing to others in this new 2017 year! My best love and hope for you!

4. Something new deserves to be greeted with optimism. Leave all the wounds and sadness you’ve experienced last year. Give this new opportunity in 2017.

5. I just wanted to tell you how you have brought cheerfulness into my life. I love you with all my heart. Hopefully in 2017 that we will soon welcome this your life is increasingly filled with joy and joy.

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6. The new year is like a new book with blank sheets. The questioner is in your hands, and it depends on you how to fill the new book. Fill in 2017 with a new kindness and joy.

7. Making friends with you is one of the most fun things in my life. My hope for you in the new year 2017 is for more love and warmth to fill your life. Welcome to the coming of 2017, my dear friend!

New Year 2017 greeted with joy

8. I wish you a blessing in abundance in 2017 because you deserve it, as in previous years. Happy New Year!

9. Congrats welcome the turn of the year into 2017, friends! Stay one of the best people I know on earth!

10. Give a warm welcome in 2017 that has come! Let’s always see the beautiful side of life and celebrate together!

welcome the new year

Deliver your congratulations to the 2017 new year along with the messages you wish to convey via a greeting card.

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