Here is the Best Explanation of American Culture

Cultural differences can be confusing everyone. Especially for Asian college students to the United States, where there were large differences between western and eastern cultures. However, when examined in advance, you can mepersiapkan yourself to adapt to American life better.

Here is the Best Explanation of American Culture

Faced with cultural differences

Try to listen to the experiences of your friends or relatives who’ve been to the United States to recognize more clearly the culture there, to avoid confusion later on.

United States is a diverse country that consists of many ethnic groups so that the culture there is so varied. The majority of the residents there have ancestors who came from other countries.

Although you are not supposed to believe you’re watching on television, but you can get a general idea of ​​the culture of the people there tend to be more relaxed and informal. Sometimes you can be a long chat with people you do not know when to stand in a long queue, where it is an unusual occurrence in the east.


Greetings in the United States tend to be informal, make sure you smile and call someone using their first name. If you’re with friends you do not forget to introduce them to each other. The handshake is common and the greeting “Hello” is commonly used to start a conversation. Americans tend to talk openly what it is. Do not be offended by their remarks, because they basically do not like chatter just lip service.

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Dinner show in the United States tend to be relaxed and informal so do not be surprised if you are attending a dinner banquet where the attendees were dressed casually. The thing to remember is to start your meal there when it was welcome by the host.


Residents in the east tend to dress more formally than in the west. Students there tend to wear something comfortable and tend to be casual. When you attend the interview, of course, you still have to be present in more formal attire.

campus life

College life in the United States is very different to your usual feel. There tends learning atmosphere is relaxed and informal. In America, you do not need to be embarrassed to ask. The college staff is quite close to the students, where the students are always encouraged to come to the office and discuss anything, from the difficulty in learning to personal problems. The majority of college sororities and also provide special services for international students.

American culture

America is famous for many things, but sports, music and art plays an important role in the culture there. The most popular sport in America is American football, baseball, basketball and ice hockey. United States has won many gold medals and won numerous awards at the Olympic games. College sports also play a role in the culture of sports in America.

Elements multikultuur in America a large share in the music industry, from pop, rock, jazz, to blues. The music industry in America is the second largest industry in the world of music.

Besides music, art also plays a big role in American culture. You can find a variety of musical theater, dance, performing arts, fashion to photography in America. Especially New York City, which is famous as the center of fashion in the world. Also in New York are Broadway, famous for the production of the theater, which always touring around the city. So, no matter where you are studying in America, you can just enjoy the art of Broadway theater.

Experiencing culture shock (culture shock) is a normal thing for every international student. especially coming from Asian culture. But, if you have lived in America for a while, you will find that it is not difficult to adapt to life there. You’ll even enjoy your new life in the United States.

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