Brand of ice cream in the world, Magnum mastered biggest selling

Ice cream in the world that is controlled by Unilever in sales, alongside Magnum

The world’s best icecream brand, No need to explain again what the definition is too long ice cream yes, the definition will be clearer when you enjoy them.
Ice cream is a frozen dessert made from dairy products such as cream and milk are often combined with different flavors. Flavors of ice can form fruit flavors or other ingredients.


Magnum ice cream brand owned by Unilever which also sells a variety of products globally. Magnum is one of the icecream coated with chocolate and marketed to adults who are always advertised with sexual attraction. The icecream was originally developed by Belgium and later released in Germany in early January 1989. Sales of Magnum has pushed them into the number one brand in the world’s largest sales category for US $ 2.54 billion.


Is Cornetto icecream brand from Italy which means little horn and manufactured by Unilever, but sold with another name. For example Cornetto ice cream sold under the name of Frigo in Spain or Wall’s in Britain. Cornetto icecream is usually at the top covered with chocolate. 2015 Cornetto release layer wafers made crisp on top.


Breyer is the ice cream brand from America who perushaaannya founded by William Breyer in 1866. Initially Breyer’s icecream is sold using horses and carts on the streets of Philadelphia. The trademark is also owned by Unilever and sold in all regions of the United States and Canada.

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Dreyer’s / Edy’s

Dreyers Grand is a branch of Nestle in the United States, founded by William Dreyer and Joseph Edy in 1928 in California. Finally, the company’s break-up in 1947 and six years later the company name was changed to Dreyer’s ice cream if the child William Dreyer.


Klondike is a brand of vanilla ice cream has a box shape and coated with chocolate which is usually known as Klondike bar. Klondike created in the early 1920s by Isaly Dairy Company in Mansfield, Ohio, USA. The product has a silver color wrap and with a picture of a bear as a mascot trademark. Become a part of Unilever to carry the name Klondike.

Some of the most popular ice cream brand Haagen-Dazs Another, Ben and Jerry, Carter d’Or, Blue Bunny, and Mihan.

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