Some of these countries did so well known and the most unheard of in the world

Country is not so well known and the most unheard of in the world

Regardless of the size and population, there are a few names that country very rare to hear the name that automatically makes it virtually unknown, plus more for the country minimal problem that sticking to the public.
Republic of Nauru, located in Micronesia, the island nation in the central Pacific Ocean, challenging the Cayman Islands to be a country without taxes.
San Marino, a tiny country in the region of Italy near the Adriatic coast. Is a country with a parliamentary system of government directors, with a population of about 32,600 people. San Marino is known as the oldest countries in the world that have gained their independence from the Roman Empire in 301.
Molossia, mini-state sovereign situated above the desert Dayton, Nevada with an area of 6.5 hectares with a population of 32 people. Having its own post office, bank, money exchange and calculation of local time. Molossia is one place that is used as a training ground for those that want freedom of speech and creativity.
Suriname,  countries most variety, even more varied than Singapore. With a population that so much of the British rule, then this country has a myriad of mixed race already. Suriname is the smallest country on the mainland of South America.
Seychelles,  Seychelles is an archipelago situated on the east coast of Africa. Consists of 115 small islands, into a mini-state with the highest per capita incomes in Africa. Archipelago is populated by an ethnically mixed, such as Africa, France, India and China with English and French as the main language of instruction.

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Liberland, new countries claim territory between Croatia and Serbia. Its founder is Cechnya liberal politicians who had been detained twice. But this time Croatia has closed the entrance to this area.
Kiribati, the country became a republic in 1979 is located in the islands of the Pacific Ocean. Once controlled by the British colonial consisting of 33 islands. The nation’s capital is Tarawa, and according to the 2010 census, the island has a population of 103,500 inhabitants.
Aruba, is a country in the northern region of the Caribbean, about 29 kilometers northern Venezuela. Is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands with an area of 69 square miles with a population of 101 484 inhabitants in 2011.

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