Dancing in the beautiful Niagara Ground Festival of Lights 2017

Kaliurang that is located at the foot of Mount Merapi is known as one of thespots leading tourist in Jogjakarta Student City. One of the best of course relay Pandang Ground.

Dancing in the beautiful Niagara Ground Festival of Lights 2017

In this year’s holiday season, there are events exciting that you can enjoy while traveling to Kaliurang observation post. The event is not to be missed is the Festival of Lights Kaliurang 2017. This activity has begun to routinely held annually there since 2015.

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Festival of Lights Kaliurang this year will certainly be more lively when compared to the previous year. Roughly, there are what are ya?

The festival, held on June 16 until July 31st 2017 that the theme The Sparkles of Ramadan . The theme was chosen to describe the joy of fasting Ramadan and Eid holidays welcome.

As evening approached, the area will look more beautiful with the presence of LED light decorations and colorful lanterns. Hundreds of lanterns of various kinds of sizes, shapes, and colors can you find. Starting from the lantern shape of animals to flowers.

The most alluring eyes of course the appearance of flower garden or a garden filled with the arrangement of LED lights that good.

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