Donald Trump Makes Change NASA Budget

Washington DC - Donald Trump  probably would use the funds for research on climate change back to land astronauts on the Moon as part of its mission to “Make America Great Again” – “Make America Great Again” is a campaign slogan.

US space community members believe that the election of Trump as president could lead to the revival of NASA moon mission, which since 1972 has never been a man on the earth’s natural satellite.

The huge costs required to run a mission on the Moon has been the main reason for the death of the program. However, in his campaign Trump promised to free NASA for research on global warming and related programs Earth. Instead, the United States called the will “lead the way to the stars”.

Veteran Republican politician and also one of the closest advisers Trump, Newt Gingrich, a figure which is fanatical about outer space, where for many years said that the US should establish a permanent headquarters in Moon .

He has to convince the skeptical that the cost will not be prohibitive if NASA to work with private companies interested in investing in outer space.

Quoted from the Daily Mail , Monday (21/11/2016), the election of Trump makes Republicans became in control of Congress, making it far less likely that the dreams of outer space would be blocked by Capitol Hill.

Trump has previously said that climate change is a “hoax” of China, will require NASA to carry out exploration in outer space missions deeper.

Earlier, Barack Obama supports the NASA program, which plans to carry humans to Mars by 2035. Meanwhile, experts believe that when Trump has served as president, he will insert a mission to the Moon as a step to facilitate a trip to Mars.

During the campaign, Trump said that he plans to make big investments in the exploration of outer space. “So many good things to come from him, including a terrific job,” he added.

He accused officials of the Democratic Party has weakened the United States space program, allowing other countries such as Russia, China, and India took the initiative.

However, the skeptical camp want to know where Trump will fund the mission to the Moon. Casey Dreier of The Planetary Society said that if elected president to implement its promise to cut spending and taxes, NASA  will have problems in continuing the program.

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