Exploring America Should be Follow these Tips

The trip is planned neatly will reduce the hassle that you may encounter while traveling. You can access Google Maps journey planner via laptop or smartphone when in need of assistance. It’s very easy, you can simply enter your destination, and Google will find it for you!

Exploring America Should be Follow these Tips


Even if you have a variety of applications on a trip in your gadget, the map is the best grip. Although not as fast as reading maps wear GPS application, but once your brain to process the information you read, it tends to get embedded in your memory. Then applications sometimes do not work properly and there is a chance your battery runs out, or are in a location with poor signal, so you can not access your application. At moments like that, you’ll feel very lucky to have brought a map in your pocket or in your backpack.

If you want to buy a map, make sure the maps include detailed information about the various areas. You can buy a map in the Lonely Planet Guide (Lonely Planet site) or in the nearby bookshops at a price of £ 7.99. In addition to maps and directions, you can also receive information about the culture and lifestyles in the various regions.

Online Planning and Applications

Although it has its limitations, of course, does not mean you do not need the app at all. Technology is very practical and easy to use. There are plenty of online travel planners who can help you like Google Maps. You can access this application via your laptop or smartphone. You only need to enter your destination, and the application will make travel plans for you.

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There are some applications that offer similar services, but the benefits of Google Maps journey planner remain unchallenged. But, if you have an Iphone, you can consider the I-maps .

Some cities have travel planner provided by local transportation. You can find information on this by asking people around you or read from the welcome pack that you receive from the university in the first time you arrive on campus.

Knowledge of the Neighborhood

One of which is needed when a foreign travel in the region is the knowledge of the surrounding circumstances. While searching for information, you will get acquainted with new people. In the first few weeks, you will meet many people. Starting from lecturers, classmates are probably some of them have been on campus before you arrive.

If you want to explore the areas of foreign, invite your friends who are still unfamiliar with the area. With is traveling together, you will feel more calm and confident. Which may surprise you, turns out many new students who have the same interests as you. So, while you explore a new area, you can make friends and have fun with your new acquaintances.

Most of the students in the second year are more familiar with life as a student. They know a shortcut to the library, where it sells the most delicious beer, or a place to sell second-hand textbooks.


The servants of the local restaurants that serve coffee to you also might be able to tell your friends where you need to avoid. The bus driver can take you directly to the local market. All you need to do is ask kindly.

Local citizens are very proud of their city. They will be very happy if there are foreign students who asked them, especially if you showed great curiosity about their city. They were born and raised there, it could be they are the source of the most complete and reliable information for you.

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